Pumpkin Day

I volunteered to help with Pumpkin Day in Katie’s classroom. I had no idea what would be involved but then I got the email saying we’d be carving pumpkins so bring a knife and bowl if we could. Hoo boy—I hadn’t carved a pumpkin in years…

The classroom was a bit insane (I don’t know how she does it without an assistant—we were spoiled with Owen’s class having one) but overall it went well. There were four moms total so we each had a group of six. We had to measure the pumpkin with blocks and chain lengths, write what the pumpkin felt and smelled like, weigh the pumpkin, see if it sank or floated…and then design and carve the pumpkin. In an hour.

As you can imagine it was pretty much like herding cats. It started with the teacher switching Katie’s seat with someone so we could be at the same table…and the kid completely lost his shit and was a crying hot mess because “he wanted his seat.” Really, kid? You lose it over moving seats for an hour? And then some kids couldn’t pay attention for more than three seconds. One had no idea how to draw an H (“we haven’t done that letter yet”). A few wrote their numbers backwards (71 for 17) but fixed it after I told them—except one kid who literally kept writing it 71 no matter how many times I told him it was 1-7 not 7-1. One kid wrote all his letters on top of one another. You get the idea. I’m not bragging when I say that Katie seemed among the most advanced in her group (able to pay attention, answer questions, write her letters and numbers correctly, and follow instructions).

This is a snapshot of mass chaos before we even started.


I didn’t take many pictures because I was very involved in every step of the way—plus I didn’t have pockets, remember. 


Katie was the badge collector.


And then it was time to go home so Katie got to ride home with me. She had a good time and was happy I came. 


The syrup incident.

It had been a day. You know the days that you have every so often where the kids aren’t necessarily being awful, but they are being slightly annoying about lots of little things all day so that it all adds up, so that when something like this happens…you lose your shit?


Yeah. That was my day today. :|

The short story is that the kids were messing around on the table and the syrup was in their way (left out from breakfast, but it had been there all day—and Katie tried to tell me the spill was MY fault!) and somehow the syrup “slipped” out of his hands and crashed to the floor while spilling syrup as you see above (I’ve had Owen tell the story three times and still am not clear). To be fair, I did end up apologizing after all was said and done (my reaction really was a bit extreme).


Finger painting at school!

When we got back from the field trip, Katie got to create her artwork folder…which necessitated finger painting. She had a blast! And I’m glad she gets to do it at school because the thought of that mess at home makes me cry. :)

Then we saw Owen coming back from recess:

And just because there wasn’t already enough paint…another color!

And then I made the mistake of telling her to make a handprint. Well, she smacked her hand down and this happened (except about four times as many dots):

Anne (our friend who works in Katie’s class) assured me it was washable, but when a baby wipe—generally known to clean most anything—didn’t work, I got concerned. I found the label:

You see that? Washes out of most surfaces and fabrics. Egads. Of course that would be my luck with my brand new coat. (That said, I washed it as soon as I got home and thankfully it did come out.)

And the final product! I can’t wait to see the finished (dried) folder they make out of it!