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This is what happens when both kids have dirty feet at bedtime.

Gramma to the rescue… Giving them both a quick bath. There was a lot of laughing and shrieking. :)


Our last Friday night swim!

Our last swim…and I only got a picture of Katie on a borrowed floatie.


Pool, Day 11: Pizza dinner

Everyone at the pool is really nice—everyone plays catch with Owen (we have no idea who this is but it wasn’t the first time he’s played with it Owen).

Owen pushing a bunch of girls around the pool. :)

Playing with Daddy!

Proof I’m actually there!

And tonight we surprised the kids and ordered pizza for dinner at the pool. We do it once a summer…so we had to get it in quick this year. 

Screeching flying worms!

So, Gramma Jean had these many years ago when Owen was maybe 2-3 and he hated them! She kept them all this time and brought them down. The first one busted as she was blowing it up. The second one made no noise whatsoever. Then one finally worked. 

Wrapped around her finger. 

I never take Katie in this cart because it’s huge and a pain. But she has daddy wrapped around her finger.


I think she’d stay all day if I let her. 

As it was, she was in for about an hour today. 


Owen’s 8-year well-visit

Yeah, we’re a little late this year. For some reason I was thinking we didn’t have to do yearly visits anymore… I tell you my brain is NOT the same these days. :)

The kids kept busy playing I Spy and messing around. I’m not exactly sure what they were doing here but they were having fun! The best part was when they thought they heard someone coming to the room, one would yell POSITIONS! and Katie would run to the chair and Owen would hop up on the table. :)

Height: 55″ — was 53″ at 7y
Weight: 85# — was 85# at 7y

Hide & Seek Queen

This is where Owen found Katie. He thought it was so cool he made her hide again and had Gramma come find her. Then Gramma thought it was so clever she made her hide again and had mom and dad come look for her. Of course, she gave herself away with the giggle. :)

Then we had her pose for us. :)

Gander Mountain Escapades


Happy to be Facetiming with daddy!

Tom is in California for a few days so he tries to talk to the kids when he can. Katie gets positively giddy because she misses him sooooo much. 


Crazy Cart Katie with Daddy

Every time we go to the grocery store she asks to ride in the car cart. It’s a big ol’ pain in the ass because it’s so big and awkward so I always say no. But daddy was with us today and he’s a big ol’ pushover. So they played while I shopped. You could hear them halfway across the store, I swear, with as loud as the cart is and her screeching like crazy!

Daddy and Katie shenanigans 

Daddy came home early today and that usually means some shenanigans.


Katie wanted to take some pictures…

It kinda looks like I’m strangling Maggie but I promise I wasn’t. :)


Higher and higher, we have a happy girl!


Daddy didn’t need to use his iPad. 


Goofy kids going a bit stir crazy on this rainy 4th.

Other than a nice Saturday, the holiday weekend has otherwise been a bust—it’s been 65° and rainy for two days. Blah. Yes, the kids are still in their PJs at 4pm. :)

And a few minutes prior—I came downstairs to see this:


Two silly gooses having fun before swim lessons!


And then I pretended I was taking a picture and got this video:

They’re getting better at this.

I don’t get as worried anymore that he’s going to drop her.

Owen loves texting me.

This is the run of messages I got today. The blue shirt business is because I took a stained blue polo of his and attempted another bag (like the tee I transformed the other day).

And he just giggles and giggles when he’s texting me. :)

She loves hats!

We weren’t going anywhere, she just wanted to wear her hats!

Two hats even!