Kidisms 45

I leaned over to kiss Tom.

Grannie and Papa sent a package with stuff to store for them and included a few small packages for me, Katie, and Owen. Katie handed them out and saw that there wasn’t one for Tom.
Katie: Why isn’t there one for daddy?
Me: They must not have found anything for him.
Katie: They should have done one with beer.

Tom told Owen he loved him.
Owen: Yeah, I know. From the beginning.

I was watching Ellen and Justin Timberlake was on and though Katie knows who he is, she sometimes gets him confused with another blonde singer:
Oh wow! Is that Justin BEAVERTON?! [Going for Justin Bieber]

Katie was showing Tom her valentines and was putting them back in the white bag she decorated:
Here’s my owl bag. As you will recognize.

Katie’s little love notes take a strange turn.

So Katie is still getting little love notes from Thomas on the bus. This one came yesterday with her saying he wanted a playdate. Fine, right? Look at the text. Do you see what I see?

❤️ Hey baby how do you make Katie get back together with me

😂 but also 😳, right?

Even though it’s coming from a Kindergartener it seems somewhat concerning. I emailed both teachers (he’s not in her class) just to sort of give them an FYI/heads up and to see if they’ve noticed anything weird. Katie’s teacher responded that they’d talk to them (I haven’t heard back yet if it’s happened).

Oh the teen years are going to be a joy…

Here. Enjoy the story of my evening.

Katie couldn’t find her infinity scarf this morning and we all [thought we] remembered Owen was playing with it this weekend (he dresses up like a ninja) so we assumed he lost it somewhere (because that’s typical Owen—drop it anywhere in the house except where it goes) so I decided it was up to him to find it.

Fast forward to me turning the house upside down looking for it because he’s claiming it’s nowhere but we all know he can’t find jack shit unless it bites him on the face. But it’s nowhere.

Talking to Owen again, asking him to run through exactly what happened to trace his steps, he tells us he played with it two weeks ago. Wait what?! Ugh. So the whole time he completely misunderstood the whole thing and I wasted an hour of my life looking for something that—yes—turned out was left BY KATIE at the neighbors house.

Aren’t kids fun?!

Welcome to Illinois Axe Murderer Dinner

Our Tivo friends Jami and David prepared a dinner in our honor to welcome us to Illinois. It was originally going to be our first dinner there…until we ended up going last-minute to one of their previous dinners. As usual, everything was DIVINE…and we came home with leftovers once again. :)

I wanted to try my infamous selfie shot but we went the easy route since the kids were with us—Owen was our group photographer.

The Menu

Searing the sous vide prime rib.

Checking on the kids who were being amazing in the living room. They had their iPad, Netflix, and pizza…the kid trifecta.

Part of the aftermath.

I hate when they get off their sleep schedule but I have good memories of sleeping in the car on the way home from family events (and being carried into the house by my dad) that I feel it’s only fair they get to experience it, too. 💗 Katie was out within five minutes; Owen took about 10.

Polar Bear Plunge!

Guess which one of us is doing this crazy thing this morning?!

Free s’mores? Yes, please.

Staying warm by the fire.




It was actually a really nice day for it as opposed to what it could have been this time of year…but it was still REALLY cold. It took about five groups before someone popped up and said HOLY SHIT THAT’S COLD loud enough for the spectators to hear. 🤣

Owen said he’d been in cold water before—swimming with Papa. We told him yes, Lake Superior is cold, but that’s still like 65° and it was in the summer. We looked up the water temp for today and it was about 38°.