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Miss Fingerprints


It’s time to get away from the boxes and mess.  

Road trip to Michigan for a mini vacation including the Len Christmas!


Sleeping Beauty


A sight I’m going to love…

This is the playground that’s just a few minutes from our house.


Our first family bike ride!

Tom and I got new bikes today and Owen is practicing to earn his new bike (also bought today)!

It’s challenging to take a picture while riding! The whole time I was trying I kept saying “Don’t drop the phone. Don’t drop the phone.” :)

A pic of my new beauty:

It was more than I wanted to spend but after sitting on a bunch and testing them, it was the clear winner. It’s a Specialized Roll Sport Low Entry.

This is one way we get her to stop begging to ride in a car cart.

Technology buddies


Taking a break with the kiddos. 


Here we go! Let’s unload!

The weather was much nicer today—overcast and about 80°. The truck arrived about 8:45.

Kids keeping out of the way!

Stack o’ mattresses!

Because why not have Comcast here to dig the cable line at the same time!

It was definitely interesting. And frustrating. The boxes just. kept. coming. And we didn’t have room for them. Well overall we did but the kitchen is literally one-third the size of our last one so none of my stuff fits. So the kitchen boxes were overflowing everywhere. So the boxes that went in the other rooms got more cramped. And then we realized that the living room set we got from a neighbor was too oversized and was not going to work (and the basement stairway is too small and curved to get any of the pieces down). It was actually getting comical because the guys were like “This says boy’s room but it’s full. This says kitchen but…” 

At one point I jokingly screamed “PLEASE STOP BRINGING BOXES INTO MY HOUSE!” And the guy said “Funny you say that—this is the very last box!”

Done! Goodbye! At only 2:35! I always forget that unloading takes less time.

Now the unpacking hell begins. Normally I don’t mind being creative and finding new homes for things… But this one is going to be tough. 

Man this is an awesome adventure!

The kids were good on our errands and it was hot out so we surprised them and stopped at the water park by our house to play in the free splash pad. While they were playing Owen said “Man, this is an awesome adventure!!” :) Luckily I had old towels in the car. 

That’s one way to ride in the cart. 


The kids are having the time of their lives riding bikes!

And they would do it 24/7 if we’d let them. Unfortunately, this silly subdivision only has sidewalks on one side of the street—and of course it isn’t our side so I still have to sit out with them for now. I was taking a pic of them when I caught Owen mid-fall (he falls in slow motion 99% of the time so don’t worry). 😂

Me: Owen are you okay?
Owen, snotty: It’s none of your business, mom.

Getting ready to race. (We bought the orange cone so drivers will see something different and maybe slow down. They go tearing down our street doing 45 which is impressive since we’re only three houses from a stop sign on either side.)

Getting ready for race #2 (I feel better with at least one of them on the sidewalk.)

Owen being silly.


They’re transfixed.

Our TV just got hooked up. It’s been about five days since the kids have had it and they’re transfixed. They’re not even complaining about the small screen.  😂


Bunny alert!

We have lots of bunnies around. Katie has taken to screeching “BUNNY ALERT!” when she sees them. Tonight was actually a three bunny alert—can you see them?

Here you go:


My heart feels better.

Both kids have been troopers about moving, but they’ve both been sad and missing their friends (as would be expected). It was weighing heavily on me, even though there was nothing we could do about it (as would be expected). So we took them out to ride their bikes and get their mind off things.

And literally within 10 minutes, neighbors with two kids (a 5yo girl and 4yo boy) walked over and introduced themselves. After talking for a few minutes, the kids were off riding their bikes together in the cul-de-sac and then were invited to bounce on the trampoline. The parents offered to watch them for a bit while we worked. 💕

They were the perfect welcome for the neighborhood. And their kids (plus another neighbor’s 7yo son) are just what mine needed after leaving their besties.

When I went to retrieve them about two hours later, Katie was on the trampoline in a gymnastics leotard and when I joked about it the mom laughed and said they had a costume change and they might also have makeup on. I said I would expect nothing less. :)

[Note after a few days: So both kids have apparently found their new best friends. Our very next door neighbor is the 7yo boy and him and Owen are already thick as thieves riding bikes, playing catch, and playing basketball. The little girl is two doors down and is also starting kindergarten! They both come ring the doorbell and ask if the kids can come out to play. We love it.]

Welcome home Katie and Owen!

I left them this message when they were out with Tom returning the U-Haul. It was also my sneaky way of letting the neighbors know we were new to the neighborhood and that we have kids!


My view from the master bedroom. 

I love that we can just say “Go play outside!”


Chicago-bound: Pit stop #2

This leg Bella stopped crying but Charlie started. Ay yay yay. At least it was lunch time so we got more time to stretch out. I forgot a picnic blanket so we just grabbed Owen’s comforter which was on top of a pile. :)

The kids were thrilled because they fit their McDonald’s happy meals.


Chicago-bound: Pit stop #1. 

Pit stop #1. I had to take Advil since Bella has been crying since we left at 7am. (Come to find out, her crate had tipped over, so…oopsie! I guess her crying was warranted.)

I also learned that Tom’s car is NOT comfy for me to drive long-distance. The armrests don’t fit me!! So for the second leg, I pulled out some pillows and all was well!

Katie loves these little seats. She doesn’t need to use them, of course, but she always has to sit in it.

Leave it to a kid to make me laugh.

So Caitlin had taken the kids for the afternoon so they would be out of our hair and able to play with their friends. After the truck left she dropped them off and we said our goodbyes and we were hugging and crying. After she left Owen asked why I was crying and I said it was sad to have to leave friends. And Katie pipes right up “Like Miss Julie who she drinks with all the time.” 😂 Leave it to a kid to make me laugh.