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We brought cupcakes and frosting for Gramma to do with the kids… Grauntie Marge ended up helping as well, and then I got stuck frosting them and Katie did the sprinkles. 

We had them as birthday dessert for Katie after the Wednesday night group dinner when everyone came back to the house to visit. We even sang Happy Birthday to Katie and she loved it!


Play dough with friends!

Today we had a play dough play date with some new friends…the kids played with homemade play dough…and even MADE play dough!




Grannie has much more patience than I do.

The kids helped Grannie make deviled eggs to surprise daddy for lunch. 


Cooking dinner with my mom!

What did we make?! CITY CHICKEN!!!! It’s a bit of work so I’ve never made it but my mom made it off and on when I was growing up and it’s a favorite!. She’s here visiting so we made it together today. :)

Of course, Katie had to help, too.

She did pretty good until the last piece she couldn’t get on the stick…and she wasn’t too happy (as you can see on her face).


2016-05-08 16.37.24

2016-05-08 16.37.32

What is city chicken, you may be asking? Breaded, fried, and baked skewered pieces of veal and pork. It looks like chicken legs—like non-farm “city” people might have. Apparently way back when, veal and pork were also cheaper than chicken so it was a faux chicken. It’s DELISH. (Similar recipe to ours here.)

Katie helping wash veggies


Baseball was cancelled so…we made cupcakes!


Helping Papa make his infamous cookies!




Grilled cheese helper

So when I told Owen what I was making for dinner (grilled cheese) he was adamant he wanted to help. I was really NOT in the mood but I let him anyway because the last thing I want to do is discourage anything kitchen- and food-related. 

Of course, within the first 15 seconds or so, he dropped the fully-buttered knife down the cabinet front so I was cleaning that and the floor. But he did okay overall. I did learn that he needs to be making his own sandwiches for practice. :)


Helping daddy make pancakes


Owen’s day off!

Today was a teacher work day so Owen didn’t have school. I also picked today as a day for no technology—no TV, no iPads, no iPhones—so I try to do at least one fun project. Today I picked cake. :) Owen did pretty good cracking eggs and mixing and I just let Katie dump things into the bowl and mix (with help). :) 


Taking a Lego break.


Doing chalk in the back yard (on the steps—and as you can see in the next picture, any cement surface) since it was very sunny and the front doesn’t have shade OR anywhere to sit. 


I told Owen he looked very dapper in his shirt (I had sent him upstairs to get dressed in his own) and this was the look I got: Yeah, I know. :)


That look. All I did was ask her to smile for a picture. Stinker. 


I then surprised Owen with a Brick Loot box so he had fun building the Lego-ish toys. This was a 3-in-1 toy and I was surprised he actually built all three!


Candle time!

Oh and noticed his cake pretty much as soon as he walked in the door after school. He had to put the candles on himself—immediately if not sooner. :) it was especially excited because these were the cool silver candles he picked out at the dollar store.


Satisfied with his work! (He really did do a good job—spacing them out very evenly along with the Happy Birthday sign.)


She’s a stinker!

I was on the phone with Tom when I walked into the kitchen and saw this:


She had dragged the chair over to the counter to do who-knows-what!

Making cookies for Santa!

He did about three scoops and he was done. :)

He said we had to put out five cookies because that’s what we did last year. I asked if he was sure. He went over and pointed to the picture (on the calendar) of Christmas Eve (which is the picture of him with Santa’s cookies last year) and yep, five cookies. :) I should know not to doubt his memory. 


Katie says she wants to dance, but…

Owen helping Grannie make apple pies!



Helping mom make brownies.

It’s about twice the amount of work because Katie wants to do everything (and can’t really do anything), she keeps putting all the utensils in her mouth, and neither one can actually stir. So it’s good it only takes about three minutes. This morning was extra fun because I forgot to pre-unwrap the chocolate candies, so Katie was having A MELTDOWN seeing all the chocolate and not being able to have any.

2014-09-01 10.45.12

2014-09-01 10.45.30

I finally have my kitchen helper.

Unlike Owen, Katie likes helping in the kitchen!




Offering to share!


Then Owen heard Katie having fun so he had to come in.