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The baby is going to school. 

Katie set up the lunchbox and baby saying they were going to school. 


Katie’s pumpkin store 

We were at the neighbor’s house and they have lots of little pumpkins so Katie created her own pumpkin store.  


Getting the cannon ready

Owen: Katie, I like playing with you.


Pretend driving lessons

Waiting for daddy and Owen to get back from the bathrooms, Katie jumped in the driver’s seat and had pretend lessons. 


Now he has his very own ninja hood. 

I was tired of him borrowing my Survivor buffs so I bought him a plain black version of his own.


Owen found a cannon in Papa’s workshop.

Or maybe a flag pole. :) 


Knight Owen

He repurposed two Burger King crowns into this…along with his new Ninjago shield. 


Owen’s sneaky plan to get a Lego.

We got home from dinner and Owen had been working on this plan to get a Lego. :)


Secret way to get in the mall to get ultimate clay Lego stand. First tiptoe into the mall. 2 go in the employee entrance. 3. Sneak in the mall go straight to the Lego store. 4. Take a head lamp and a pen and point the pen at his belly and he will knock him out and get the ultimate clay.

Katie talking to Uncle Eddy

Friends are coming for the weekend and Katie is excited. Here she’s “talking” to Uncle Eddy on her toy phone. :)


Thrift store scores!

We scored big at the thrift store today. We found Qwirkle, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, and Chutes & Ladders Sesame Street for $1.50 each! 

Here, Owen is currently “battling” with the Qwirkle pieces (his own creation—nothing to do with the actual game):


Who knew an old desktop would be that fun?

Tom is getting rid of an old desktop and just had it sitting temporarily in the living room. The kids were completely enthralled with it. I was at my computer and I heard Owen behind me clicking away on the keyboard, saying he was texting dad and playing music. He also kept plugging and replugging the mouse and keyboard cords.

Then, of course, Katie got involved. When she wasn’t clicking away she was “on the phone” (the mouse). :)

Charlie gets a dual checkup


Like brother, like sister: Saturn!


May 13, 2011:


How Katie reads a book.

He brought the sword but then found a bow and arrow.


Owen is leading us into war.

With a ruler for a sword, of course, because that’s what he picked to bring today. :)

And a shot of his new haircut, courtesy of daddy this afternoon.


Grandma Jean made Katie a phone.

Yes, it’s a rock. Yes, Katie already has three real phones to play with. She LOVES it. Kids are funny.

She actually slept with it last night and found it under her pillow this morning!


Gargoyle Owen

Owen: Mom, come here and see what I am!


We have a bridge in our living room.

After we got done picking up the living room, I was on the computer and Owen was watching TV—or so I thought. I came around the corner to this:

Me: Owen, what is this?
Owen: A bridge! Like if you want to go to the computer room or the dining room but not the toy room.


Water Ninja

I love when the kids amuse themselves.