Owen’s sneaky plan to get a Lego.

We got home from dinner and Owen had been working on this plan to get a Lego. :)


Secret way to get in the mall to get ultimate clay Lego stand. First tiptoe into the mall. 2 go in the employee entrance. 3. Sneak in the mall go straight to the Lego store. 4. Take a head lamp and a pen and point the pen at his belly and he will knock him out and get the ultimate clay.

Who knew an old desktop would be that fun?

Tom is getting rid of an old desktop and just had it sitting temporarily in the living room. The kids were completely enthralled with it. I was at my computer and I heard Owen behind me clicking away on the keyboard, saying he was texting dad and playing music. He also kept plugging and replugging the mouse and keyboard cords.

Then, of course, Katie got involved. When she wasn’t clicking away she was “on the phone” (the mouse). :)