Katie was actually shy. At first.

Katie was napping when Sheryl arrived and had asked if Katie would be shy. I said NO WAY, she doesn’t have a shy bone in her body, she will be a total show off, and will warm to you immediately.


She spent the first 45 minutes laying in the bean bag with her hands over her eyes and then when we made her get up, this is what she did:


Then she started to come alive and be her cute self. :)



She stopped my heart.

I went upstairs to get Katie up from her nap because it was almost time to go get Owen. I asked Tom (who was home early but in the bedroom reading) if he had heard her and he said no. So I went to her room and quietly opened the door and peered into the bed—where there was nothing. SHE WAS GONE. I think my heart momentarily stopped as I thought WHERE THE HELL COULD SHE BE? HAD TOM BEEN FOOLING ME AND HE REALLY HAD GOTTEN HER UP? My eyes quickly scanned the room and I wondered if she wasn’t hiding in the closet…? Then I saw this…


…and then saw this and heard a tiny giggle.


That little shit! She heard me coming and hid under her B. :) Of course then we had to go run and see daddy, where she proceeded to hop up into bed and be cute. :)


Katie went bump in the night.

So the kids were in bed, David was in the bedroom, and mom, Tom, and I were just sitting in the living room visiting and whatnot…when we heard a loud CRASH BOOM BANG. Mom thought David had fallen—but then we heard crying. Oh no! Katie had fallen out of bed!! (She did just fine the first night and during her nap, but she obviously was more of a wiggle worm tonight. We hadn’t taken any precautions because, well, we forgot, and because she HAD already done just fine.)

Tom sprinted down the hall and came out carrying a whimpering Katie. He said he found her laying on the floor with her legs against the closet. We figured she must have gone over the edge head first, flipping over so her legs hit the closet (which would account for the thuds and bangs we heard). Poor Katie. While Tom was comforting her, I was putting rolled up blankets in her bed (under the sheets) as bumpers and then he stayed in there with her for a good half hour. Other than being scared, she was no worse for the wear…thankfully.