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This is how they helped with the cake!


Can I pack her away with all the Christmas stuff?!


Sorting Christmas Legos for next year.

We got the kids the LEGO City Advent Calendar Building Kit so after they had opened all the doors and built everything we asked if they wanted to do it again next year…because if they did, we had to sort all the pieces and take everything apart. They said yes. So I tasked Katie with that job to keep her out of my hair while I started putting away Christmas decorations. She did amazingly well! :)


Prepping box tops. 

Owen trims and checks expiration dates, Katie glues, and mom supervises. (Daddy was cleaning and organizing the media cabinet to try and fit the Wii in.)


Katie picked the leggings…

I picked the rest. 



Hauling in all the outdoor toys for the end-of-season run through the dishwasher…and garbage toss. 


Helpful little flower girl

Katie helped Gramma prune her flowers.

Grannie has much more patience than I do.

The kids helped Grannie make deviled eggs to surprise daddy for lunch. 


She loves putting carts away!


What should we call this pizza?

When we just use whatever leftovers are in the fridge? Leftovers pizza sounds too much like leftover pizza. Tom suggested Garbage Pizza but that seems a little…drastic (and Owen didn’t like it)? Fridge Pizza also seems a little boring.

Tonight was Italian meatloaf, cheddar cheese, and BBQ Sauce pizza.

And Katie wanted to help so we let her “paint” the sauce.


Box Tops Helper


My hard workers!

Tom planted the new bushes today as well as put out new mulch! It looks a lot different but I love it and think it’s awesome!


Bushes be gone!

Our bushes have been needing a major trim for quite some time but Tom has just been too busy. He promised me when his night class was over he’d take care of them. Well, he finished his class Tuesday night, so tonight he started trimming them. Katie and I were two doors down hanging with the neighbors. And then I turned around…and saw one entire overgrown bush completely GONE! He said once he started trimming it, all that was left was twigs! And we’ve never liked it, so he just pulled the whole thing out! (We would love to pull out the other ones as well but that’s a lot of work and a lot of expense to fill the space again.) Owen even helped clean up to earn some spending money.

Here’s a before picture (from an old blog post):

The boys and their tools. (Tom just let Owen hold the saw—he didn’t actually get to use it.)


Cooking dinner with my mom!

What did we make?! CITY CHICKEN!!!! It’s a bit of work so I’ve never made it but my mom made it off and on when I was growing up and it’s a favorite!. She’s here visiting so we made it together today. :)

Of course, Katie had to help, too.

She did pretty good until the last piece she couldn’t get on the stick…and she wasn’t too happy (as you can see on her face).


2016-05-08 16.37.24

2016-05-08 16.37.32

What is city chicken, you may be asking? Breaded, fried, and baked skewered pieces of veal and pork. It looks like chicken legs—like non-farm “city” people might have. Apparently way back when, veal and pork were also cheaper than chicken so it was a faux chicken. It’s DELISH. (Similar recipe to ours here.)

Katie helping wash veggies


My library helper!


I made him put together the water table.

I figure if he can do Legos for ages 14+ he can do this. And he did. 😀

Admiring his handiwork.

Playing with the frog—getting ready to send it flying.

Proud boy!

Give me a smile!

No, give me a normal smile.

Not sure what that face is for!

All smiles watching daddy see his work!

Back to playing with the frog!

Helping Papa make his infamous cookies!




Cleaning up her gardening mess. 

After playing catch and coloring with her, I left her playing alone while I went in for about 15 minutes to edit a paper for Tom. Yeah. The entire corner of the deck was covered in dirt from her “planting” the fake flowers [left out from the snowman]. So she got to clean it up.


The only help I get. 

Of course they both say they’re going to help make cupcakes, but this is about all they do. :)