We brought cupcakes and frosting for Gramma to do with the kids… Grauntie Marge ended up helping as well, and then I got stuck frosting them and Katie did the sprinkles. 

We had them as birthday dessert for Katie after the Wednesday night group dinner when everyone came back to the house to visit. We even sang Happy Birthday to Katie and she loved it!


Sorting Christmas Legos for next year.

We got the kids the LEGO City Advent Calendar Building Kit so after they had opened all the doors and built everything we asked if they wanted to do it again next year…because if they did, we had to sort all the pieces and take everything apart. They said yes. So I tasked Katie with that job to keep her out of my hair while I started putting away Christmas decorations. She did amazingly well! :)


What should we call this pizza?

When we just use whatever leftovers are in the fridge? Leftovers pizza sounds too much like leftover pizza. Tom suggested Garbage Pizza but that seems a little…drastic (and Owen didn’t like it)? Fridge Pizza also seems a little boring.

Tonight was Italian meatloaf, cheddar cheese, and BBQ Sauce pizza.

And Katie wanted to help so we let her “paint” the sauce.