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This won’t be happening again.

Katie didn’t like dinner tonight (sloppy joes) but she wanted more chips and the M&Ms Owen got for dessert so we told her she had to finish her sandwich half. She didn’t HAVE to finish, though…just if she wanted the extras. 

Guess how long she sat there eating her half a sandwich? Ten minutes? Twenty? Thirty? Ha! Try ONE HOUR. (And I think it only ended then because I told her it was getting ridiculous and I was setting a timer. So she had five minutes to finish or lose the extras.)

This is the first time she’s sat there/we’ve let her sit. Normally the table is cleared when dinner is over and if she’s hungry later she can eat her dinner then. This hour business won’t be happening again, that’s for damn sure. 

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Celebrating Owen’s awesome report card!!

He got mostly 4s (the top grade) with 3s in art and music. This was his best report card yet! So we treated him to Sweet Frog (frozen yogurt).

Can you guess whose was whose?


Top: Katie (gummies, M&Ms, and Nerds) & Tom (nuts, pound cake, coconut)

Jen (Heath bar, Oreos, peanut butter, marshmallow, and chocolate sauces) & Owen (mini chocolate chips, cherries, marshmallow fluff)

Another birthday cake for Owen. 

Gramma made a yummy-looking cake for Owen! Grauntie Rose and Gruntie Jim came over to celebrate, too!

Time for Owen’s mini cake!

Since we’re heading out on vacation tomorrow and didn’t want any leftovers, I made a small “personal” sized box cake mix.

Birthday boy/girl gets to lick the candles!

Everyone got to pick their own sprinkles (because Tom and I hate them). :)



My plain piece, with a frosting height even Papa would love. :)

Movie & Popcorn

I can’t remember what movie they watched but they both wanted popcorn for dinner—Grauntie Marge had given Katie an ENTIRE BOX of stovetop popcorn so they were super excited about that. So we let them eat popcorn for dinner. What a treat! Katie also enjoyed her new mermaid tail blanket from Gramma Jean!

Katie’s Frozen Cookies

Santa brought Katie a Frozen Cookie Mix kit so we had to do those IMMEDIATELY. The tiny snowflake pieces were a pain in the butt and they look like a total FAIL but they were delicious.

Owen’s orange x 5 lunch

We have a variety of fruit and snacks and treats and he usually takes a sandwich…but tonight Owen ended up with an orange on orange on orange on orange lunch…in his orange lunchbox! 


They were good while I was shopping so they get Noodles.

Plus I had a B1G1 coupon. :)

Spaghetti face is a bit easier to see than her typical macaroni and cheese messy face.

“Mama! Take another picture!”


Accidental all-beige-y dinner. 

Dammit. I did it again. On a yellow plate even. :)


Accidental all-beige-y lunch.

It was leftover day so mac and cheese, half a piece of pizza, and a few chips…and then I thought “Oh, fruit!” and gave her a banana. :)


Special lunch treat for Katie. 

She did such a good job shopping with me this morning that I treated her to lunch at Noodles. She doesn’t need to know I had a coupon that was expiring. :)


Charlie thinks she wants what he has. 


After effects of a garlic bread Parmesan cheese bagel.


I figure we’ve lived here two years, it was about time.

We finally went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch after swim lessons and errands. I’m not sure how Owen looks so angelic here. :)


Heading out to hatch a Pokémon egg!

It’s easier to get them to walk with me now that Pokémon is involved. (And the rule is it’s only used on my phone when we’re on the trail—if they ask about it any other time it gets deleted off my phone. This is daddy’s thing.)

And then of course there were more berries.


Six stops for blackberries!

The weather this morning was great for walking (72° with low humidity) so I made the kids go on a walk. Amazingly once I got them out of the house there was no complaining!

There are lots of blackberries on the trail so whenever we found a ripe bunch we’d stop and I’d pick them. And when I say bunch, I mean 3-4 edible ones. This was our fourth stop!

Our sixth stop!


Now the kids are somewhat excited to go back on the trail to see if there are any more blackberries!

Look what we found in Gramma’s woods!

While Katie was telling me that the door on the tree wasn’t real and no one lives there, I spotted something.


Birthday treats!

Dairy Queen (plus I got my Vacation Bucket List Blizzard!), the park, Pokemon hunting for Owen, splashing and throwing rocks in the river, a walk around the neighborhood with Gramma, and then a Gramma cuddle. :)






I thought she’d like sticking her feet in the river but she whined that it was TOO COLD! (It felt like bath water to me!)









Friends + Pool + Pizza = Fun

We invited Katie’s classmate Mason (and family!) over for a pool and pizza play date! I took my waterproof camera to hopefully get a bunch of pictures, but I wasn’t in the water long since it always feels so cold to me. This was the only pic I got!


It’s been awhile…