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Freeze dancing!

Our little hip hopper!

Katie and Sophia are taking Hip Hop and are super excited about it.

Warming up!

Owen loved watching Katie!

Freestyling at the end of class!

Katie’s groovy moves

“Look what I learned today!”


Fun at the end of Katie’s ballet class

The lt get to dance freeform during the last few minutes of ballet class. 

Katie doing her rhythmic gymnastics routine.


Kitchen Dance Party

Dancing to Peanuts

Katie dancing with Elmo

Dancing to Sesame Street

Dancing Fools

Dancing at baseball practice

Tom wasn’t home in time to take Owen to baseball practice so I had to take Katie. She didn’t want to use the iPad…but wanted to dance! We really need to get her in a dance class soon!!

She still loves the Elsa hat. 

She wears it randomly all day long—along with the Anna hat, too. 


Morning Dancing

They were eating breakfast when this song came on and both of them had to get up and dance!

Dancing after lunch

We went to Outback for lunch since daddy was home and we were out running errands. We were waiting outside since it was taking forever for the check and Katie was restless.

Dancing with Ellen

Or at least some of her guests. :)

Backseat dance party

Fairy Camp, Day 4

And picking her up…giving one of the instructors a hug goodbye:

Trying to get a cute picture of her with her two fairies:

Fairy Camp, Day 2

 A real dance leotard and stockings today!