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Practicing stepping down!

Yes, I was having just a tiny bit of heart failure, sure she was going to fall down and smash her head on the marble…but she didn’t. And she was SOOOO cute. She was doing this for a good 2-3 minutes before I started recording!

Slice of life

This is what happened when we got home from dinner.

Skyping…when all hell broke loose.

Subtitled: No our kids aren’t drunk.

It started off innocently enough with Katie crawling up to see what Tom was doing.


Then she has to sidle up next to him.











Waiting for Owen’s potty break:




I definitely see Uncle Rob in these next two pics (she’s definitely a Hudson):






And just like that, all the fun ended when Katie spit up on me. Katie and Owen had apparently just played and laughed so hard for so long that Katie spit up milk chunks all over me. And not just your run-of-the-mill spit up…but horrid smelling curdled nastiness that required a quick shower to get the stench off my skin.

But overall…a good time!

New shoes!

She was even more wobbly at first—even holding my hand she was tripping over her own feet—but it didn’t take her long to get better:

She likes them!


A Katie Walking Medley

Here’s the proof!

Katie is a walking fool!

Today she just started walking across rooms like it’s cool. She still drops to crawl a lot, but she can definitely walk if she thinks about it. And it’s terribly cute. :)

Of course, I didn’t have my phone on me all the times she did it…so I’ll definitely get a video tomorrow!

Here’s one attempted video where she looked like she might walk…but didn’t. :)

She’s getting better!

Happy girl!


“Helping” Katie walk

So it might look a little like dragging and throwing at times… :)

Walking Lesson

Tom decided to have a Katie walking lesson.

So you see she CAN walk…she just doesn’t really care to unless enticed.

Katie’s first five steps!

So all day I’ve been trying to get Katie to walk—to no avail. Tom comes home and was playing with her and I was in the kitchen and he yells “She’s walking! She just took four steps!”

Of course she did. :|

I’m home all day every day yet she chooses to walk in the first five minutes she’s alone with daddy. Stinker.

So we immediately tried to get her to so it again—which is usually the kiss if death—but she did it!

So she took her first real steps the day before her first birthday!!

Family Reunion

Since we typically miss the Christmas get-together, we got everyone together for dinner in Bay City!

Owen did okay getting back in the car again but Katie was. not. thrilled. and let us know. :( However, during one moment in which Katie was momentarily quiet, we heard Owen pope up: “Good job, Katie. You’re being patient.” :)

Everyone adored Katie and most of them said she was a mini Jenny (we still don’t see it).

A birthday balloon for Katie from Grauntie Rose:


On the move…



Rocks taste good:





First beer!


Owen LOVED playing with Jessica and Alex…but obviously liked Jess just a little more!


With cousin Aubrey, who is six months older—can you believe it?


The gaggle of young cousins:



Nick (almost 9), Gracie (almost 7), Aubrey (almost 5), and Owen (4).

And the same group two years ago (April 2011). Nick (almost 7), Gracie (almost 5), Aubrey (almost 3), and Owen (just turned 2). Owen outweighs Aubrey by at least 12# and is about 5# less than the 5yo.


An attempt at a family photo:


Timmy did the grilling!


With Aunt Lori:


And Gramma Jean:


The whole family (minus Greg, Aunt Sue, and Uncle Marv…plus friends Chris and Pete):


Katie in a fancy dress… Lisa brought a few bins of 3T clothes for me to sort through for Katie—a bunch of which were winter clothes and fancy dresses (which we don’t need) but this dress was SO cute I had to put her in it just for a few pictures. She loved it!


Owen had SOOO much fun he didn’t want to leave, but we had to drive back to Grayling… The big test was to see how the kids did sleeping in the car and being taken directly into bed…which they both passed with flying colors!

Up and over

Here’s what she likes to do…whether its Tom’s arm, the ottoman, Owen, or Maggie.

Tonight’s Skype

Katie crawls up…


…and over Tom.


While Owen is off wandering.


Katie’s first steps

Katie apparently took her first two wobbly steps tonight while I was getting my hair cut. At least Tom got to see it if I couldn’t. However, it wasn’t caught on video so it doesn’t count, right? :)

That said, since we rarely go anywhere and we’re going away this weekend, it’s a perfect time for her to start walking…

Why go around when you can go through and over?




Let me go!

If Katie isn’t in her enclosure, I’m holding her…but that certainly doesn’t stop her from wanting to GO GO GO. She pulled herself up onto the table and would have been off like a shot if I didn’t have hold of her ankle.


Exploring the front yard

She had a blast…but it’s exhausting chasing her all over and preventing her from eating everything she touches (all while trying to take pictures)!





Katie vs the Stairs

So tonight I thought I’d let Katie go up the stairs and record her. I was SURE she’d fly right up them like Owen did when first given the chance. I mean, every time she even SEES a gate open, she’s off like a shot.

So, here’s what happened.

Okay, let’s try this again. Stairs take 2.

FAIL. Take 3.

LOL! You know if I turned my back on her during the day when the gate happened to be open, she’d be up them in a hot second.

Take 4. Seriously, this is your last shot girlfriend.

Oh for heavens sake. :)

Really, Katie?

It was a mini gate…until today.


Aaaaand we’re screwed!

Katie learned how to zoom up stairs today at play group!

And this was about an hour before, after we first arrived at play group…Katie was being majorly loved on by both daughters of the host. :)


And this was shortly before leaving… New bows! I didn’t really want to start them this early, but damn if she isn’t adorable in them!