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They both wore their hats to school.

They both wanted hats.

They were clearance and I had coupons so I agreed.


Ladybug dancer


Little Miss Fashion Plate


Gecko Girl

We were at a friend’s babysitting and Katie had to put on Liam’s new gecko costume.


Ladies in Lularoe ladybug leggings


Football PJ twins

When Katie and I were clothes shopping for her and Owen the other day, I saw these PJs for Owen and they also happened to have Katie’s size and she said she wanted them. I asked if she was sure she wanted FOOTBALL pajamas and she said yes, she wanted to match her brother. :) 

So tonight they went up to get their PJs on and we hear giggling as they’re coming down the stairs… And then we see this. 


Jersey Kids

I wanted a picture of Katie in this outfit so I could hopefully post it with an old pic of Owen…but she refused to leave Tom’s side. :)

I finally got her alone.

And the best photo comparison I could manage (apparently I never took a picture of him when he was wearing the matching pants).

PJ day and a new shirt

Owen’s class earned pajama day for Boosterthon pledges…and Katie has a new shirt.


Trying on a dress

I was going to get this dress for Katie at Kohls but she wanted to try it on…so off we went. She twirled in front of the mirror for MINUTES.


Vacation Day Spirit Day

He’s SO excited about being able to dress for Vacation Day at William Halley ES…doesn’t much care that it’s only 30° out.

And a picture the school posted on Facebook!


Sometimes this outfit happens.

I know it shouldn’t matter but it makes me cringe… so I let her wear it when we aren’t going anywhere. :)


My shopping score of the week!

Only $3.49 for Børn lined boots at Ross! Even if she only wears them for the rest of this season, it’s still worth it!


I just can’t.



That’s a big furry hood. 


Miss Sassy Pants…or Skirt 

We are SO in trouble…


Finally in her footie PJs!

Katie finally decided to wear footie PJs tonight. She hasn’t been able to wear them before now because trying to pee in the middle of the night (getting the PJs off while sleepy) was an issue. Not anymore!


Lularoe ladybug twins


Back on schedule…off to ballet!

In a new outfit from Gramma Jean!