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One time before she grows out of it. 

I bought this super cute dress at a thrift store last fall and she hasn’t worn it yet. It might not fit next summer so I wanted to be sure to get her in it at least once to get my $3 out of it. 


It’s Katie’s picture day!


How to thrill a little girl. 

I can’t even remember how this started. I think she asked if she could draw on her dress and of course my first and immediate answer was no. But then I had a thought. I had Tom check the size and it was a 4… Which means it won’t fit next summer… And it’s already pretty worn… SO WHY NOT?!

She. Was. Thrilled.


Woodland Spirit Week Day 5

Woodland Spirit Day 

Celebrating International Dot Day


Woodland Spirit Week Day 2 

Day 1 was PJ day for Owen and the color green for Katie. I didn’t get a pic before he left and she wanted to wear her pink hip hop outfit… Day 2 went a little better with sports day for Owen and the color white for Katie.

We don’t have many white clothes since they get dirty too easily, but this was the gym shirt I made for her before learning she didn’t need one. :)


Sparty’s opening day means…


Shirt Twins!

The shirts say “We go together like macaroni and cheese.” I couldn’t resist buying them—they were perfect plus they were on clearance. 


I finally found the perfect leggings for us!


It’s already chilly enough in the mornings for long pants and a hoodie!


Making gym shirts

The kids needed gym shirts this year with their name on them so I got a tiny bit crafty. 

My 5yo first grade teenager. 

Katie did an outfit change. Owen sees her and says “Wow, Katie, you look like a teenager!” She says “Yeah, I look like I’m in first grade!” 😂


Once again in my shoes. 


I gave Katie one of her birthday presents early!

A matching dress to my leggings! She LOVED it!! 


Beach Day!

Fridays are sprit days at school. We don’t dress up for them unless it’s easy…and beach was super easy. :)


This kid. 


This is how she dressed to go out for dinner. 

I missed taking a photo of her clothes—she put a ballerina tutu and leg warmers on over her clothes. And she’s into mismatched socks now. 


The cuteness. The pose. 


Goggle up!

We’ve been watching a YouTube series called Smarter Every Day and Owen really likes it. They were having a special on their tee shirts so I got us both one (it also helps support the channel). Their catchphrase is “Goggle up! Science is about to happen!”

I then tweeted the photo and the Smarter Every Day team liked it and commented back!


Surprise playground and dirty knees!

When there’s a playground around the corner from a Facebook yard sale pickup that you didn’t know about, you have to stop.

Of course, Katie is dressed in brand new light-colored clothes for school later. It took under two minutes for her to fall and get both knees dirty (like seriously 30 seconds after this photo).


Toe socks!

Why oh why did I show her these?! There was whining getting them on then she immediately took them off.