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Cuddling and reading by the fire


Last campfire before school

We wanted to have a fire with Papa and Grannie but needed some firewood so we actually found some free on NextDoor… Yay!

The kids caught a few lightning bugs (it’s in there, trust me).

After we made s’mores we got the fire going a bit crazy. 

The kids finally settled down and were cuddling of their own free will. 

Then they were trying to read by bug light. 

Reading to Gramma

Of course I got grief first about having to treat but once he got started he enjoyed it. 


What a perfect night…

The weather was so awesome that we ate dinner outside and then just hung out. Tom rarely posts on Facebook so you know something was seriously good if he does…

Had a great Spring day. Took the kids out Pokémon hunting in the morning. Wood working followed by little league practice (pitching to an awesome group of kids), grilling flank steak and drinking really good beer on the deck and watching my wonderful kids play together and read bed time stories.

Truly I do not know if life can get any better. Life is great!

Owen was reading to us (getting his daily reading homework done!) and then it got dark so he was reading by iPhone light. The two books he picked to read to Katie were Hooray for Diffendoofer Day (Seuss) and The History of the American Flag. :)

Goofing around together:


He complains loudly about reading to her but once he starts he has fun.


Owen was poetry helper this week.

Heading back to class…on the second floor!!


A Katie-sized book and a Katie-craft!

We went to a new play group on base with friends. Katie loved the size of this book and the sticker craft (which had 3x as many stickers by the time she was done).


Catching up on his summer reading.

Owen isn’t great about keeping up with his Summer Slide reading, so we’ve had to have some days where we read 40-60 pages to try and catch up. (It’s not as bad as it sounds—it’s not like he’s reading full chapter book pages. Some of them are, but some are also books for Katie with one sentence per page. So it averages out.) Notice he had a buddy today, as well.



Reading trio 

It took some convincing but Owen was reading to us!


A book from Grannie

Grannie gave Katie one of the books they read while we were there and Grannie had Katie write her name in the front of it. :)

2016-07-24 13.39.09

2016-07-24 13.39.00

Reading and games with Grauntie and Gramma

Owen reading his homework to Grauntie Marge and Katie beating Gramma Jean at her favorite game!

My library helper!


One last story from Papa


An hour and a half!

Owen has been reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid to Grannie for almost 1.5 hours! He got to stay up way past his bedtime because he was doing such an awesome job! 


I’m constantly amazed by Owen’s reading. 

This is the book he checked out at school this week and he’s been reading 10-15 pages a night to us! It’s rated for 5th-8th grade!!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Owen reading his homework!


How Katie reads a book.

Potty Training, Day 2

Tom got Katie up this morning and her diaper was dry! He said she really didn’t want to pee in the big potty, but once she sat down she peed and peed! Yay!

8:35 I told Katie she had to pee if she wanted to go to the bus stop with Owen. And she did! She had to take her lunchbox. :)

When we got home, she wanted to play outside and do chalk.

She ran in a few times to pee but they were all false alarms. She wanted to ride her bike, so I told her she could after she peed again. So she came in about 20 minutes later saying she had to pee, didn’t pee, but tells me she peed in the grass. Yay…but no. I didn’t see it so no sticker…and no bike ride.

11:40 She’s very good about sitting on the potty without any direction. This trip earned her a new book!

1:00 Katie just peed in the potty and I said I was proud of her. She looked at me, did a curtsy, and said a drawn out thank you. Where do they get this stuff?

She continued to pee in the potty all afternoon—assuming each time she’d get to ride her bike. She finally gave up on asking for her bike but still kept peeing in the potty! She even earned another book!

I had treats set up for every five pees…and she filled the sheet and just kept sticking them on.

And then when we were outside eating dinner, she had to go in and pee. She even emptied it into the toilet herself. :) Then she said she had to pee again and went inside. Owen happened to be inside at the same time and came out singing “Katie’s pooping in the potty!”

Wait. What?

I’d been reminding/asking randomly all day and she just kept saying she didn’t have to go yet. I believed her, but I also kind of thought she’d try to hide. But now she just went on her own? I raced inside and…yep! She pooped in her potty!! WOOHOO!

So daddy took her to get a special treat (a milkshake from Burger King).

Day two is in the books and she did amazing! Let’s hope it continues!

Mornings are always interesting.

There’s usually crying by Katie at some point, the kids playing nice, doors slamming, arguing between the kids over something/anything/nothing, sometimes yelling on my end…and then there’s this.

I had finished my shower and gotten dressed and it was quiet. Too quiet.

Owen was reading Katie the book that Tom had started the previous night.

Cue my heart melting. :)

Reading to Maggie