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Learning to ride a bike is hard.

So you all know how much I hate potty training, right? Well, I hate teaching the kids to ride their bikes tenfold. It always ends up with whining and pouting and refusal to try because it’s too hard. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. But I keep trying.

So Katie finally got her reward for pooping in the potty! 

Unfortunately, as usual, she forgot that it’s hard to ride a bike and it wasn’t any fun when I stopped helping her. So there was whining and pouting…and she had to drag her bike home. (Well, part way home down the sidewalk—I’m not a monster.)

Riding bikes on the last day!

We had high hopes of having the kids practice riding their bikes on vacation since Gramma Jean and Grandpa David have a great driveway and live on the corner of two (basically) flat roads…but we were so busy that we didn’t get to it until our very last night. Uncle Rob was tasked to help out!





Tom said they actually did pretty good…but they still need LOTS of practice. At the rate we’re going, they might be able to ride without training wheels by high school.

Biking is better in theory than practice. 

Both kids were SO excited to get out on their new bikes and Katie was SO excited about her helmet…

But first we have to walk up the huge hill. Ugh. Owen barely made it up as he couldn’t keep it going straight. 


I’m not sure what this face was about. 

She, of course, couldn’t do it by herself and I don’t have the patience, so Tom did most of it. I know there’s a learning curve, but I’m seriously ready to just get rid of all bikes for about five years. Both want to be able to ride but neither wants to actually work to do it OR pay attention when we tell them how to do something. 


Owen eventually started to get the hang of it (again), but not before falling off a few times—he refuses to steer so he ran into the curb and tipped over into the grass…and he seems to think the training wheels will keep him from falling over so he’ll lean too far and tip.

We only lasted about 10 minutes, maybe 15. We would have tried longer but one of Owen’s friends saw us out the window and waved and yelled hi…so both kids completely lost any concentration. 

Waiting for daddy and Owen to come down the hill. 


Interestingly, when trying to pedal, Owen can only seem to slam his feet backward to brake. But! When going downhill and he needs to brake? He can only seem to pedal. :/

Anyone want to teach our kids to ride bikes?!

Two new bikes!

We got Katie a real bike with training wheels tonight. She did better on that in the aisle then she ever did on either tricycle! (So now I have two tricycles to sell.) I do feel a smidge of guilt for not getting either the Frozen or Doc McStuffins bikes, but those had a premium price ($20 extra).



She also got a purple ladybug helmet. She wanted the pink cat princess with the crown but it was for ages 5+ and was just too big. :)

We also got Owen a 20″ bike (up from a 16″) but we need to buy training wheels. He fit on the 18″ bike but the seat was already all the way up! So we’re hoping to future-proof a little bit!

Since we preferred to save $25 per bike, Daddy gets to put them together this weekend!+

Riding bikes. Or, rather, attempting to.

Both kids wanted to go ride bikes. I knew it would be a challenge because Owen has not ridden his bike since last spring before we moved—and at that point he was still just learning and wasn’t that great at it—and because Katie has never successfully ridden either of the tricycles we have for her. 


And that was it for Katie. Grand total of time spent on the bike, 95% of it whining that she couldn’t do it while being pushed by daddy? Five minutes. However, she did love running! She spent the rest of the time chasing after Owen or running ahead of him or just randomly through the parking lot. :)


Taking a break to stretch…and take a drink. 


Owen was a hot mess for most of the time. He’s grown so much that he is really way too big for the bike we have and we obviously didn’t have another one for him so he had to use that one. And it’s been so long since he’s ridden that it was, in essence, starting over from day one. I’m glad Tom was there to deal with it because I DO NOT have the patience. That said, by the end of our time, he had started to get the hang of it again.

So now I’m on the hunt for a cheap used bigger bike.

After bikes, the kids wanted to go to the “playground” even though I knew they hated this playground as it’s not a real playground. It lasted under five minutes. 


Katie’s New Tricycle

Katie liked bikes. However, the regular tricycle we already have is too big for her. The big-wheels-type tricycle we bought for her was too big (so we returned it). We tried a seated scooter thing that she hated so that went back, too. So we finally found a bike that she fits! Now, the challenge is to get her to ride it!


Pushing the bike!


Owen wanted to ride his bike!

I really think he wanted to wear his new helmet… :)




Farmer’s market, a helmet, and the Easter Bunny!

She likes it up there—and it keeps her from wandering!


Coloring at the farmers market! Do you see that “YES” by Owen? He did that…starting with the S and working backwards!


She pretty much just sat there the whole time scribbling while mostly people watching!


Walmart! Someone got a new bike helmet!


We also got Katie her own pink Radio Flyer trike—stay tuned for pics of that!

We then lucked out and ran into the Easter Bunny! Owen refused, but Katie was excited! Her first Easter Bunny pic! It only took me 12 shots to get this perfect one (in about a minute)!


Riding a bike, part 4

Well, part 4 for me anyway. He went out with Tom once where he got a lot better—and learned to stand up to get started peddling!

This is what happened today. He wasn’t happy that I tried to make light of his slow-motion spill at the end. (I was trying to get him laughing so he wouldn’t be upset about falling—because I knew he wasn’t hurt.)

Riding a bike, part 3

Out for day number three! He’s getting better!!

He took a very slow tumble off into the grass and was a little upset.


I knew he wasn’t hurt at all so I told him he just needed to say TA DA! And pretend like he meant to do it. Which got this reaction:


Owen’s second attempt on a real bike

I might have assigned Tom bike-riding duty, but of course I was going to be there to watch!


He did better, but he still doesn’t want to push the pedals and he keeps slamming on the brakes. We’re not even worrying about steering yet…though I’m predicting he’s going to tip himself over because when he does try to turn he does it too sharply.


Owen’s first attempt on a real bike = FAIL

Once again, I had grand visions of Owen’s first bike-riding experience. (Well, minus the balance bike we attempted a long time ago. And the tricycle he never got the hang of.) I mean, riding a bike IS NOT HARD. Right? Especially with training wheels. Right? I mean, you just get on, push a little with your feet, and off you go, right? RIGHT?


Either Owen has absolutely ZERO coordination and/or he’s just being stubborn…or I completely underestimated the amount of ability necessary to ride a bike and/or I am not a good teacher. He cannot seem to grasp that you need to push forward with your feet in a continual motion. At the first smidge of resistance he stops and says he can’t do it. I tell him, show him, push the bike with his feet on the pedals…and nothing. Inevitably he slams his feet backwards, which is—of course—the brake.

Am I expecting too much? Is riding a bike really harder than I think it is? For a kid who has never really ridden anything?


All I know is I have officially passed the teaching-Owen-to-ride-a-bike baton to Tom. :)

Tricycle attempt #2

He likes it…and kinda gets how it works (you can see in the video that at first he seems to really have the hang of it) but then he either loses interest or something and he can’t seem to understand that he has to peddle. But it’s still cute.

Owen’s first trike!

He never really liked ride-on toys. We tried a balance bike—he didn’t like (get) that at all. He showed no interest in a regular bike. So when I saw this trike for a steal, we thought we’d try it. It just might work…

Aside from pushing the bike around the house, this is his entire first experience (outside) with his new trike. I think we have a ways to go yet. :)

Early Easter Fun

Since we will be out of town with family on Easter Sunday, we decided to have our (very first!) egg hunt this weekend when Grandma Marsha and Uncle Rob were here. Of course it was really cold, so the outside hunt turned into the living room hunt. These videos are waaaay long, but it’s mostly for all of the grandparents. :)

Easter Egg Hunt in the Living Room (9m04s)

He ended up liking the plastic eggs more than the hunt OR the goodies in the eggs.

Giving Owen His First Bike (6m42s)

He loved looking at and playing with the bike the best…but wasn’t too terribly sure about actually getting on and using it.

New Bike Helmet

We decided we wanted to get Owen a balance bike, but since he was still a little young (and the weather isn’t really outside weather on his birthday), we waited…and lucked into an online sale…so it became an Easter present! Tom put it together last weekend, and then we waited for the helmet to arrive. The first one we ordered didn’t fit (although though the measurements were correct, his head is extra round at the temples so it just didn’t work), so we had to reorder a YOUTH helmet, which came today.

We were worried he might not like it at all—as generally speaking he doesn’t like hats and tries to pull them off—but as soon as he saw it, he grabbed it and tried to put it on his head. :)

Then was a little impatient when Tom took it to try and adjust it to better fit him.

Then he was trying to snap the pieces together.

Just hanging out, watching Little Einsteins.

Sitting ever-so-patiently while Tom fiddled with the sizing. No squawking. No wiggling. Nothing. Hopefully it goes that well when it comes time to really wear it.

And hopefully he actually LIKES the bike, as so far we’ve not had too good a record with sit-on-type toys.

Owen sees his bike!

I just hope he’s as excited to TRY it as he is to SEE it in the box.