Painting in the bath!

Owen likes showers better these days, but I convinced him to take a bath with Katie this morning…by promising a new treat: fingerpaint soap (gotta love the dollar bins at Target!). They had a blast.

I had each one fill their hand with their respective colors (pink and blue) and then had them rub hands…to get a light purple! Owen knew about mixing colors but he still thought it was super cool. Katie was amazed! Some days it’s the little things. :)


I can’t believe this hasn’t happened before now.

She went in to go potty while I was picking out her clothes…when suddenly I heard crying. I ran in there to see this. 

She was not happy. But of course I took the extra 10 seconds to snap a pic before helping her out. :) It was only pee water but I figured I’d better at least rinse her off—and she didn’t like that, either.

What a way to start the day. Poor Katie.