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Garden stone Christmas present

I finally decided to do this project today.


Of course, because it’s there. 


This is how the entire book was colored.

She apparently just likes to use one color at a time.

Painting ornaments 

We made salt dough ornaments at our friends house the other day and went back tonight to paint some of them.

Katie drew a Snorlax!

She came up and wanted to show me what she drew. I guessed immediately.


Painting snowmen at art night

I missed out on art night since I was in Michigan, so Tom had photo duty!! I had been looking forward to more ceramic ornaments, but this year they decided to do paintings!

Sitting with friends!

Owen’s on the left, Tom’s/Katie’s on the right.

And a photo from Heather:

And the finished projects:

I hate cleaning but I love finding these treasures. 


Katie drew this for our friends. 

Katie drew this a few days ago for our friends. We were going to run errands with them this morning so she remembered she drew it and ran and got it.

Can you tell which is the mom, which is the oldest boy, and which is the youngest boy? :)


Impressive upside down writing. 

I did the K and then she wanted to write the rest of her name. Which she did…upside down (the letters were right side up but she did them upside down). Impressive. 


Katie’s Oddish

Katie is a Pokémon addict. She knows all the characters and what they evolve to. She drew an Oddish last night. :)

This is what a real Oddish looks like:


Katie’s Whale

Complete with water coming out of the blowhole, eyes, and fins. 


A Katie-sized book and a Katie-craft!

We went to a new play group on base with friends. Katie loved the size of this book and the sticker craft (which had 3x as many stickers by the time she was done).


So, we had a potato penis in the house…

So I have loved this drawing of Katie’s potato people ever since she did it way back in February for Gramma Jean.


And I had thought a few times about turning it into a necklace but never did it. Until this month. So I Photoshopped the extra potato person out, changed it to black, and ended up with this:


And I looked at the drawing and saw that one ear wasn’t attached…so made sure to ask the artist about attaching the ear (she said yes, of course). But I didn’t look any farther than that. So when I got the necklace today I was excited. I took a picture of my new treasure.


Katie was excited at the surprise. And then I really looked at it. REALLY LOOKED AT IT.


What the hell? Why is that line there? She didn’t have a line on her potato person. I dug through my photo files to find it and ahhhh. A belly button. Which, when attached, had to have a line somewhere, right? So it laughingly got turned into a penis! 8O :lol: (Don’t tell me my mind is in the gutter—what did YOU think when you saw it? :p ) I wondered if the artist noticed or thought about it, or just assumed I was a wacky person and wanted to wear a potato penis on my neck. :)

So I asked Tom if he could snip it off and file it down (otherwise I’d have to go back to the Etsy artist with my tale of stupidity and hope she’d take pity on me) and he had it done within five minutes. (Gotta love a handy hubby with the right tools!)

So then I came up with this graphic to share. :)


But overall the necklace is wonderful and I’d totally order from SilverHandwriting again! I’d just double- and triple-check all the parts of the drawing!

Owen’s personalized puzzle

I had him draw on the back side of one of his puzzles. He thought that was awesome. 


Lobsters for Gramma’s birthday!

When the kids saw these driftwood lobsters at Marshall’s, they said we had to get them for Gramma Jean! So we have them to her for an early birthday present!

Decorating the box so we didn’t need to wrap it. 


Katie wrote her name!

Owen wrote Katie at the top and then she wrote the letters herself! And then Owen graded it an A+!


Owen’s perler Pikachu

This was his project earlier today.


Owen’s pinch pot octopus

I forgot to post this when it first came home. I love it. I wasn’t quite sure what it was until I flipped it over and counted the legs. :)

Thank you Mrs. Talley!

I suggested that Owen write his teacher a thank you note for the end of school. I gave him a few ideas, but this is what he came up with all on his own.

Translation (though the writing is much more readable these days):

Thank you for being a good teacher Mrs. Talley. These are my favorite things: recess, lunch, social studies, science, math, computer (MyOn) (Tumble), books, physical education (PE), music, read-to-self, balloons (end of the day popping tomorrow activity), art, library, Mount Vernon field trip.

I was very impressed when I first read what he had written—spacing, spelling, and content. I did, however, give him two brief lessons:

  1. Comma usage for lists (which he mostly understood). Though you can see a few extra commas, he did really well for being in first grade.
  2. How to draw parentheses. He had just drawn a C in front of the word so I showed him what it really looked like—but he had the idea all on his own before that!

Katie’s first art folder!

Her folder was made from the artwork she did a few months ago.


It came home Friday but I didn’t get around to taking pictures of everything until today. :)