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As a final note to my birthday weekend…

I weighed myself this morning and…I lost 4# while I was gone and I’m now at my all-time low! That’s what getting back to the principles does. Yay for Naturally Slim!!

That’s about 140# of coconut oil!

Or what I’ve lost thanks to Naturally Slim! (Thanks to friend and fellow NatSlimmer Brad for helping!)

I originally wanted to do this with tubs of Crisco but just never got around to it at home. Then I told Marcia about it and we were going to stop by Sam’s Club but we just never seemed to have enough time!! So after lunch at Ida Claire, I asked my Brad Uber if there was a Costco between the restaurant and the airport and if we had time…and he said yes! We did get a few strange looks while we were unloading and rearranging the buckets, but not one single person said one word!

Recording my Naturally Slim testimonial!

First and foremost, I finally got to meet Bryan! I’ve “known” him online for about 10 years on the Tivo forums but we’ve never actually met. Come to find out last year—long story short—he lost 140 pounds on Naturally Slim and has kept it off for three years now. He was one of the two people who were initially responsible for me joining NS. :)

Bryan befire and after Naturally Slim

He is a videographer/producer by trade (617 Production Group) and had been doing the videos for the program and after many years he had an AHA moment and never looked back. His company no longer does the official program videos but Marcia does call him in for stuff like this. And especially for my testimonial since I know him!

We were recording it at Bryan’s church because it was the most convenient place. The sun was in my eyes…

…so this is apparently my look as I’m figuring out if this new spot will work.

Getting ready to start!

A pic Bryan snapped during the filming.


The whole thing was just…odd. And surreal.

First, even though Marcia was asking me questions, you won’t ever hear her asking them…so you have to rephrase/include the question in your answer. So if she asks “What was the easiest thing about Naturally Slim?” you’d have to start your response with “The easiest thing about Naturally Slim…” Of course, not every question led to a response that was that easy to formulate and I often had to take a moment to think how I was going to respond to get the question in. The good thing (which took some getting used to) is knowing that it will all be cut and edited for the best sound bite, so even though everything was recording, it won’t all be used. That was also helpful when I was answering a question, yakking on and on, and then suddenly losing my train of thought or realizing I had veered violently away from where I’d been headed with my answer and I would just stop and say “Yeah, that’s it. I lost it.” Marcia had told me to just pretend I was having a conversation with her, but honestly, it’s a lot harder to answer questions when you know someone is counting on you to give sound bite answers. That said, every so often as I answered a question, I’d see Marcia do a mini fist pump showing she loved my response. After one (which I don’t even remember what I was talking about), she said she really wanted to use it at the end of week one! So who knows, maybe I’ll actually be in the official videos!!

Second—and I touched on this above—is that I often veered totally off course as I was answering a question. I remember a time or two when I’d be talking and talking and then suddenly I was also thinking “Wait, that is NOT anything related to what they asked.” I would ask if they wanted me to start again or try another take and the answer was generally no, because even if I didn’t answer the specific question, there was still usable sections or they liked the direction I went. I did have to retell a story once because I mentioned IKEA and they said I couldn’t say that just in case a competitor ever used the program. So then I worried about telling the story again and hoping I got all the same excitement and inflections…and who knows if I did or not. Time will tell.

Overall they said it went very well—even though I felt I was completely ridiculous and out of my element—and we talked for about 30-40 minutes. I know Bryan’s company can work magic, but I am still crossing my fingers that I come off natural.

Afterwards, I asked Marcia and Bryan who wanted to get in my pants. :) Seriously—I had brought my FAT PANTS and had thought it would be fun to get two people into the one pair of pants. (This did not surprise them—they had both been forewarned.) Marcia is SUCH a good sport and agreed to do it. First, though, Bryan recorded a snippet of me trying on the pants, so hopefully I’ll get to see that in the end. And then this happened…they were stretched out a bit more than when I actually wore them, but STILL. Two of us in one pair of pants. Good times. Again, SUCH a good sport.


I have no idea when I will see a finished product, but you know I will let everyone know as soon as I see something. And don’t get your hopes up that it will be a 20-minute piece. It is likely to be a 20-second snippet here or there in a compilation of other testimonials. Fingers crossed!!

The live Facebook Q&A with Naturally Slim!

So the Live Facebook event was actually going to take place at the combined offices of Holmes Murphy and ACAP Health, both new partners of Naturally Slim. I was VERY anxious about the event, but Marcia assured me I would do just fine. I was put a little more at ease when she told me it would only be about 20 minutes long—I had thought it would be an hour or something! Phew!

We got there early and Marcia showed me around the offices and introduced to many, many people…most of whom were all like “Oh, wow! I know you! You’re Jennifer Hudson! I recognize you!” It was VERY surreal. They were just as excited to meet me as I was to meet them! The offices were super fun and trendy, with named meeting rooms like the Vineyard (with a wall of bookcases and wine racks) and the Bead Room, which is where we ended up filming—yes, a “room” in the middle of the office space with floor-to-ceiling hanging beads encircling four chairs and a table!

Getting ready to start!

Our view during the event:

And then we were off and running…

Live Q&A with Marcia Upson, President of Naturally Slim
[iOS users, if Safari isn’t showing the Facebook video below, try Chrome]

And suddenly it was over! What?! Already?! Wow that went fast! I had a lot of fun and the time just flew by—I probably could have answered questions for an hour! Of course watching the video later I noticed things I didn’t like (like my roll of belly fat and a few strange looks I made) but overall I think I did pretty well!

And then on the way out, I got to meet Todd (Todd Whitthorne, President, ACAP Health—he’s in quite a few of the program videos)!! And just like Marcia, he was just the same as in the videos, too. And boy was he tall (I’m 5’9″ and you see how he towers over me)! :)


What a memorable way to spend my 43rd birthday!!

A peanut data point. 

My package had 18.5 peanuts.  


Two flying firsts!

1. Well, the first time in about 15 or so years that I haven’t needed a seatbelt extender.

2. And I can cross my legs at my seat!

NatSlim shared my update again!

Sorry for the little glitch in the screen cap–it’s too much work to do it manually on my phone and I’m not sure why the app messes it up like that.


I’m finally normal…BMI!!

I DID IT!! I finally reached my goal of normal BMI (the top end of which is 169)!  I know you all know by now but I have to say it again: I couldn’t have done it without Naturally Slim!!

Oops! That’s hard to see on that background…so off to the garage!

And then I didn’t want to wear that out and about so changed into a new shirt (with my new jeans from the other day).

And the collage I posted online…and Naturally Slim shared!

Now I have to see if my body thinks it should lose another 15 or so so I can claim that I lost half my body weight! :)

Ralph Lauren. Clearance. $29. SIZE 10. What?!

Now we just need to go out somewhere I can wear this!

One of these things is not like the other. 

And kudos to Mike for looking good year after year.


Naturally Slim let me be a kid again!

I couldn’t have done this 130# ago! #ropeswing (I did it a few days ago as well but these pics were better.) Photo credits to my stepsister Beth who happened to arrive for a short visit!

I posted on Instagram tagging Naturally Slim and they wanted to share it! :)

2016-07-24 14.01.54

This popped up in my feed again today. 

It’s now up to 1100+ likes!

Some NS thoughts this morning.

It was nice shopping for a sweatshirt/jacket on the island yesterday and pulling out mediums. Mediums. Most of them fit, too, depending on the style of course. :)

Last night we ate too much but it was our 15th anniversary dinner so we said screw it. Crab and cheese fondue and lobster bisque (both shared with Tom) and scallops for dinner. In past days I would have scoffed at 4 measly scallops for a “dinner”—that’s just four bites!! But on NS it was 16 bites! Plus the other sides, of course. :) I was full but not overstuffed at all. 

This morning was the first morning since June 15, 2015, that we ate breakfast. We didn’t have OJ at the hotel and hadn’t brought any…and the room came with breakfast (that we’d typically skip) but we decided to eat. It wasn’t excellent but it was decent and we didn’t eat much. 

This morning after checkout we walked from our hotel to town—it was only 2 miles (I had originally thought it was quite a bit longer) and it was the best walk. I actually wanted to walk farther. That would have NEVER happened pre-NS. 

The four of us have lost a total of 305 pounds on Naturally Slim!


Rob has lost 80# and is still going, I have lost 135# with a few more to go, Tom has lost 40#, and mom has lost 50# and is still going!

I’m still just so flabbergasted.

I don’t mean to keep bothering you all with these, but I’m still just so flabbergasted.



So, I have my good ol’ standby bathing suit that I love that I found in a smaller size, so I’m happy about that. But I need more than once suit, so I found a cute one—size 12!—that *GASP* doesn’t have a full skirt. (I’ve worn a full-skirted suit for as long as I can remember.) And even though it fits and looks decent, all I can see when I see myself in it is THIGHS and VARICOSE VEINS. Ugh.

But, since my new mantra is FUCK WHAT ANYONE ELSE MIGHT THINK—I’VE LOST 135#—I wore it to the pool the other day with a friend. She said it looked adorable. Other Naturally Slim friends asked for a picture and I told them baby steps: I wore the suit. In public. To our pool. With other people. A pic would come later this summer. But then I put it on again today and said WHAT THE HELL. So here it is.

Of course my friends all applauded me and said I looked great (and that I wasn’t an 18yo Sports Illustrated swimsuit model so who cares about thighs and varicose veins). :) But, to make myself feel better, I found a Before picture from last March. :)


Thanks, Naturally Slim, for making it look like I had plastic surgery. 

Starting the 10 weeks again!

I got the email from Naturally Slim today…so we officially start again Saturday!! (Why Saturday instead of Sunday? You’ll laugh, but it’s so I can officially change my weigh-in day to Saturday because I always seem to screw up my week on Saturday!) :) 

I actually asked Tom how much I should set my goal for because I really don’t think I need to lose that much—I only have 11# to get to my Normal BMI goal (I was a mere 5# away at one point—GRRR) and I’m not sure how low I can/want to go. (Yeah, that’s something I never thought I’d say!) Another goal would be to lose 155# (which would be exactly HALF my weight!) and that’s only 25# from where I am now…which is what I lost the first 10 weeks…but I really, honestly, don’t see me being that successful again. So I set my goal for 15# in 10 weeks.

Since the program videos have changed since we originally saw them, we get to experience the new ones and compare them to the old ones. That said, I can tell you already that I will miss the old ones because they were more Marcia-centric and I loves me some Marcia! I’m hoping I find them as helpful and motivating as the originals. 

And something else I shouldn’t complain about? I was all set to give up my Fitbit because I don’t really need to track steps anymore (I know when I get my daily steps in and I try to exercise 3-4 days a week) and I’m tired of wearing it and wanted to get rid of my Fitbit tan line…but if I’m starting NS again I just HAVE to see my daily steps on the dashboard which means I have to keep my Fitbit active and synced. #firstworldproblems

I love Marcia.

Marcia Upson, President of Naturally Slim, that is. :)

During our previous conversations, she had told me to keep her updated on my progress…so this morning I emailed her my one-year update. I thought she might email me back in a few days, so imagine my surprise when she called me to congratulate me!!

I had also mentioned my time almost being up on NS Town and she said she’d make sure that I still have access. :) Not that I participate there a lot, but I do like to update my thread. :)

And then we just chatted for a bit about my success and her loving my updates and that she appreciates the emails since she doesn’t always get to respond on Facebook (technology isn’t her strong suit). And she thanked me again for my video testimonial and I told her that I’d actually just checked out my video testimonial page in NS Town and saw it had something like 1250 views—and I didn’t think much of it…until I checked the other testimonials and saw they all only had like ~160 views. (What?! That blows my mind. How can that even be?! Even with all the people I know there, how can it have so many views? I don’t think the YouTube video has that many views!) 

So then she reiterated how much she appreciated the video and said if I ever needed anything…or if I ever wanted to watch the videos again…to just let her know. Wait. What? Yes! YES!! I said “Now that you mention it, I’d LOVE to watch them again. I’ve been maintaining for about two months now and I just can’t seem to get going to lose the last bit.” So she’s hooking me up with the videos again. I’m gobsmacked. And now I’ll have NO reason to be unsuccessful other than my own self. And I’ll take notes this time!!

And then I told her that I had just actually watched the week 10 videos again (that they loaded when I installed the new iOS app) so I had just watched her video on weight loss rewards (for motivation she suggests rewards at different levels—maybe a small treat every 2# with bigger rewards for bigger goals). I told her that I had my new wardrobe so my final reward would be flying to Texas to meet her! She got really excited about that and said they’d pick me up at the airport, we’d go out, and I’d spend the night at her house! WOOHOO! (Of course I’d want to try and see other local peeps, too, but that info will come later!)

So…YAY!! What a completely awesome surprise!!

I’m blown away by 847 likes!

Not only did Naturally Slim post my recent photo and weight loss update on Instagram, I just discovered they posted it simultaneously on Facebook as well…and it currently has 847 likes! I’m just blown away!