Katie’s first sick call

I got a call from Katie’s teacher about an hour after I dropped her off. She said Katie wasn’t acting like herself and was very clingy…so they took her temperature and it was a bit above normal. She told me she didn’t feel good so she rested a bit and watched a movie. She even wanted to cuddle with me for a bit.

But then this happened.

And miraculously she started feeling better. By the time Tom got home (from North Carolina) you’d never know she’d felt sick…but definitely still wanted daddy cuddle time.


Fevers suck. 

What freaks me out the most is her fever. This is her first time being sick sick (maybe she had a touch of fever when she was a baby but I don’t recall). Her fever has increased slightly (99 this morning…to 100…to 101.5 now) so of course I was worried and paranoid. She just looks so small and pathetic. :( 

I have the baby monitor set up in her room and at least she was quiet…until just now when I started hearing little whimpers. I hate to hear her cry, but she honestly looks dead on the monitor (it’s about 18″ away from her face) so I like any sign she’s alive. 


I don’t anticipate sleeping much tonight. The only positive is that we preemptively barf- protected her room.  

It’s Katie’s turn to be sick.

It’s been three days since Owen was sick (he also missed a day of school!) so I was hoping she missed it but apparently she didn’t. At least my laziness paid off—I still had the towels on the couch and the floor from when Owen was sick so it saved me a bunch of cleanup.


She still has a little bit of attitude as you can see. :)


She pretty much lived on the beanbag and thankfully kept drinking water (which wasn’t too bad to clean up when it eventually came back up).


Not a surprise we wanted.

Owen had said his belly hurt after dinner but we didn’t think much of it since he says that now and again and it’s never anything.

So I forgot all about it and went to bed excited (though late), thinking there’s nothing like falling asleep at midnight planning on your first, nice, deep, uninterrupted sleep in nine days (post-vacation)…only to be awoken at 12:30 by a kid crying in your doorway saying they’ve puked and need help cleaning up.

Holy hell.

It was everywhere. And it was some of the worst I’ve smelled. I knew right away there was no way I could handle it all by myself, so I had him wait there while I quickly went to wake up Tom. Between the two of us, it still took a good 30 minutes to clean up.

We had put a huge bowl next to his bed (“just in case”) but there was no point as he had obviously just puked and then rolled over the edge of the bed and puked again. There was puke covering about a 4′ square section of carpet, he was covered (hair, PJs, face), all of his bedding (including bed skirt!) had to be removed…and it had even started soaking through the mattress protector. We had to clean the carpet as best we could without getting out the Rug Doctor (which would surely have woken Katie up) and we had to get out (and blow up) the air mattress (since I wasn’t going to put him back in bed without a barf-proof mattress pad cover). Then we covered the floor with towels and started a load of laundry. And hoped that would be our only wakeup call.

The only thing I could think was “At least we were at home and not at the condo or in a hotel or in the car.”

Another sick day!

My day started with Owen coming in while I was taking a shower and asking where the wipes were.

Me: Why do you need wipes?
Owen: Because I threw up in my bed and need to clean it up.
Me: Are you okay? Do you still feel sick?
Owen: I’m okay.
Me: Okay, daddy’s downstairs. Go tell him and he’ll take care of it. I’ll be out in a minute.

So I double-timed my already short morning shower and when I got out about three minutes later, Tom was throwing all of Owen’s bedding in the wash. Apparently Owen had been coughing and he threw up (of course the morning after I changed his sheets but that’s neither here nor there)…but he said he felt okay so we were going to send him to school.

Technically I knew we shouldn’t because vomiting is a no-go, but if it was just because of coughing…??? The part of me that says he’s not sick and it’s just a reaction to a gut-wrenching cough is at odds with the part of me that says vomiting is vomiting. I need to get away from the mindset that if he feels absolutely fine, has no temperature, has no other signs of anything, and has a history of vomiting with coughing…he still stays home if he vomits.

I didn’t really have much time to think about it, though, as 20 minutes later he was coughing and threw up again—plus he said his belly doesn’t feel good. Once again, his temp wasn’t even normal (78.1). Tom and I reiterated that staying home does not mean fun and games and he’s going to have to rest and take a nap. But he still says he doesn’t feel good so he’s staying home.

Of course, I had a ton of errands planned for this morning (that I’ve been putting off until today) and now I can’t go. Tom has an early day, though, so he said he’d do some for me.

He ended up throwing up breakfast (about an hour after the fact—thankfully while Tom was still home!) so we cut out all food. We made him sip water and that seemed okay so we gave him a juice box—which came up about an hour later. By dinner he was feeling better so we tried a graham cracker and a strawberry which stayed down, so before bed he got more graham crackers and strawberries (which also stayed down).

I really wish I knew what was happening. :(

I guess he really was sick.

Owen hadn’t felt the best all weekend but it was never anything serious (i.e. no fever)—he just seemed more tired than normal but nothing that out of the ordinary.

So come this morning, he was even MORE tired than normal, but I still didn’t think much about it because it was Monday and he’s been tired every morning. I didn’t think he wanted to miss school because he loves school, but I thought maybe he was milking it a little more.

He ate his breakfast but didn’t eat as much as he normally would. Then instead of playing afterwards, he just curled up on the couch. Hmmm. Okay. So then the alarm rang to get ready for the bus stop and he got up and walked to the foyer but wasn’t putting his shoes on. He said he didn’t feel good. Well, he’d been saying that all morning so I wasn’t really sure what to think.

So as I was debating what to do (make him go to school, keep him home) he vomited all over. Four times. Poor Owen. And poor me because he was ROOTED to his spot on the floor and couldn’t move five steps into the bathroom to hit the toilet. At least it was 1) on the wood floor and 2) not AT the bus stop or ON the bus.

So he was obviously staying home…but of course then he felt better and wanted to go to school. And when I told him he was staying home he suddenly wanted to color and play and watch TV. Sorry, kid, right now you’re going back to bed since you’ve told me all morning how tired you are and want more sleep. I told him after he rests awhile he can come down to watch TV (I’m not evil, LOL, I remember the fun of watching TV while I was home sick).

So he was kind of upset and Katie was a HOT MESS because she was already ready to go—with coat and boots on—and she did NOT want to get undressed. So I sent Owen up to change into jammies and rest and he had a fit because he did not want to rest…but he finally went upstairs. I set him up with a barf bucket and tucked him in. And he was back downstairs less than 10 minutes later. So I explained that he’d been complaining how tired he was all morning and how he was practically sleeping on the couch so he needed to rest to get healthy…and we had a talk about how staying home from school sick doesn’t mean we can have fun and play games and watch TV all day. Staying home sick meant you had to rest. So back up he went, where he stayed for about 30 minutes. Okay, fine. Then I let him watch TV.

He seemed to be feeling better around lunch and ate a piece of toast with peanut butter. Then I made him lay down for a nap when Katie took hers and he rested but I’m not sure he ever slept (though his eyes were closed when I went up to check on him—and I think if he had heard me, he would have popped up). So he got to crash on the couch and watch a movie. This is how I found him. Such a boy. :)

2014-11-17 16.03.10

And after Katie got up I happened to get a call from a friend asking if I could go rescue her son from their front porch because she hadn’t made it home in time and he would be wondering why he couldn’t get in the house. :) So I dashed through the back yard to go get him and when he came in the house, it was GAME ON. It was like Owen had never been sick. Running and jumping and playing and screeching like nobody’s business. :)

Interesting sidenote. When I called the attendance line, you didn’t get to talk to anyone and you just left a message—and they asked what the doctor said or what the symptoms were. Then about 4:15 I got a call from the school confirming that Owen was home sick and what his symptoms were. Apparently they keep track of these things? In case…they need to know who Patient Zero was?

There’s nothing like ending an 11-hour road trip with a little vomit in a car seat.

We were about five minutes from home when we heard an unexpected and unidentifiable noise from the backseat, then Katie crying, then Owen telling us that Katie puked. Wait, what?

I unbuckled and turned around and HOLY CRAP did she ever barf. Ugh. So I was trying to clean her up as best as I could while Tom was trying to get us home (we had been planning on stopping to pick up dinner but then cancelled that so had to get back into traffic). We pulled in, stripped her down in the front yard, and I immediately took her upstairs for a bath. She didn’t seem any worse for the wear so we had no idea what caused it.

Then it was time to try cleaning the car seat. What a nightmare. I think I’d rather buy a new one than try to clean vomit out of one. Seriously. They do not come apart easily—and once you do get it apart, you still have to clean vomit out of all the plastic crevices…with a toothbrush and Q-tips. (I guess I’m lucky this is the first time it’s been this bad…?)

Not quite how I envisioned our return home…

Owen impressed his teacher

So I get a call from the school today saying Owen got sick in class and they’re just letting me know. Apparently they will keep the kid there unless a) I want to come get him or b) he gets sick again. Well, I didn’t get any more details (to hopefully help me decide) and Katie was down for her nap…so I said I’d leave him.

Then I texted Tom to let him know and he said he’d go get him (he was planning on leaving early anyway). So when they got home I found out that he simply said he didn’t feel good, then walked over and barfed in the waste basket—which really impressed the teacher! She asked Tom if we trained him to do that and he said not really…but we try to tell him to get to the toilet, a garbage, or at least a non-carpeted area!

We made him take a nap (since he missed nap time at school) and he seemed fine afterwards. He was ravenous at (and after) dinner and was his typical crazy self all night.

I was trying to get him to drink some water and after awhile he said “Mama, my belly doesn’t like water anymore. I think my belly needs chocolate milk to feel better.” :) (Tom had stopped at the store and bought chocolate milk as a treat.) I told him his belly liked water just fine and he could have chocolate milk in the morning. :)

Phew! It’s not strep!

Owen has still had his low-grade fever and strep has been going around, so I took him to the doctor after school…just to make sure. So he got his first throat culture—and did exactly what I do (gagged and coughed) and he started to cry so I assured him he did awesome and that his reaction was normal! Thankfully it came back negative. The doc said it was likely just something viral that would last 3-5 days and be done.

Wasting time and playing with Katie:


So, Owen is allergic to amoxicillin.

He woke up this morning with a rash covering his face and neck…


And upon further inspection, his torso and legs (though not as bad). A cough but no fever. So it was off to the sick clinic.

After a few questions and a quick body scan, the doc said it was an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin he just finished (for his ear infection). The doc said there are immediate reactions (which can be quite severe) and delayed reactions—which this was. It’s not contagious and will likely look worse before it gets better. If it’s itchy we can give him Benedryl but thus far it hasn’t been.

So he was excited he got to go to school!

And he has the distinction of having the first drug allergy.

Poor Owen

So he didn’t feel good the other night—enough so that he didn’t want dinner. So we took his temp and WOW it was 102°. So we gave him some Advil and an hour later he seemed back to normal. Par for the course.

He’s had the sniffles for a bit, too, but I just chalked that up to a cold or allergies making a reappearance.

And then yesterday evening I noticed his left eye was a little pink and goopy. With green crusties. Oh boy… So we cleaned him up and figured if his eye was dried shut in the morning I’d take him to the doctor. But it was perfectly clean. Not really even pink. And no temp. He mentioned his head hurt and pointed to his ear but I didn’t make much of it and gave him another Advil and an allergy pill.

So then it was off to school, where I did warn them about the sniffles and the eye so they could keep watch. And damn if when I picked him up they didn’t tell me he napped today and woke up with a green crusty eye. :|

I called the doctor’s office from the parking lot and they said to come right in. Phew! A quick look and yep, the doc said he definitely has pink eye—and an ear infection! AN EAR INFECTION! His very first! (Apparently the same germs that give you pink eye can also give you an ear infection.) And then it hit me—his sore ear this morning that I brushed off as a headache or allergies was an ear infection. Of course I felt bad putting two and two together a little late…but now I know.

The doc was going to give him liquid but I stopped her and requested pills. It wasn’t until later when I started wondering about the size of the pills…because while Owen can take pills, the ones he takes are TINY. And of course, these turned out to be horse pills and I thought we might have a problem. So I broke one in half (which was still about 10x the size of what he’s used to) and handed Owen both pieces, telling him he can take one at a time—but he had already put both pieces in his mouth and was trying to swallow them! He wasn’t 100% successful as one piece fell out of his mouth onto the floor…but he picked it right up, put it in his mouth, and swallowed it. Just like that. Holy wah. What a rock star! He earned a piece of chocolate for that!

Unfortunately, the drops are another story. He hates them. HATES THEM. Even though he knows they don’t hurt and are over in a split second. He’ll get better with them over the next day or so, but in the meantime it’s frustrating.

Poor Owen.

But we promised him that if he’s a really good boy with taking his pills and getting his drops…that we’ll take him to the Lego movie Sunday. Of course we had already planned on it but hadn’t told him…so why not use it to our advantage?! Parents need to take an advantage when they can, right?

Thankfully, overall though, he’s in good spirits. Like usual. :)