Our first trip to the ER!

Why not have it be Christmas Day? :)

So last night, Owen was being Owen and dove into the big beanbag in the living room, but then…rolled off? fell off?…and somehow landed wrong on his arm. Tom missed it, I missed it, and Uncle Rob barely saw it so we’re not entire sure what happened. All we know is that he was complaining that it really hurt. Tom looked at it and moved it around and there wasn’t any screaming so we were pretty sure it wasn’t broken. So we iced it and gave him some Advil. Of course, Owen being Owen, he continued playing around and bumping it and saying it hurt, so we made him sit still in the chair. He seemed to be fine overall and making cookies for Santa took his mind off it so we didn’t think much else about it.

So this morning we opened presents and he still hadn’t mentioned it. I had honestly forgotten about it. But then he was trying to put some Legos together—and was complaining that he couldn’t because his hand hurt. Hoo boy. Tom tried to move it around some and it seemed more painful than it had last night, so we figured since he has a high threshold for pain it must REALLY hurt, so we decided to have Tom take him to the ER.

Thankfully they were the only ones there and the whole thing went very quickly. But he had taken his new Minecraft characters just in case. :)


Apparently when you visit the ER on Christmas you get to pick a toy!


He picked this for Katie! Awww!


And??? It wasn’t broken. Just a sprain with some bruising that Motrin should help. PHEW!


Katie went bump in the night.

So the kids were in bed, David was in the bedroom, and mom, Tom, and I were just sitting in the living room visiting and whatnot…when we heard a loud CRASH BOOM BANG. Mom thought David had fallen—but then we heard crying. Oh no! Katie had fallen out of bed!! (She did just fine the first night and during her nap, but she obviously was more of a wiggle worm tonight. We hadn’t taken any precautions because, well, we forgot, and because she HAD already done just fine.)

Tom sprinted down the hall and came out carrying a whimpering Katie. He said he found her laying on the floor with her legs against the closet. We figured she must have gone over the edge head first, flipping over so her legs hit the closet (which would account for the thuds and bangs we heard). Poor Katie. While Tom was comforting her, I was putting rolled up blankets in her bed (under the sheets) as bumpers and then he stayed in there with her for a good half hour. Other than being scared, she was no worse for the wear…thankfully.


I’m two for two. Or is it three for three?

I fell down the stairs in this house and twisted both ankles (read about it here).

I slipped on the stairs in our Michigan rental while carrying Owen as a baby (I’m sure I wrote about it but I cannot find the link).

And…I just now missed a few steps and crashed down two steps into the landing hitting the wall…while carrying Katie, of course! We’re both fine (she was just scared; I skinned my knee and slightly twisted my ankle) but an hour later my back was screaming and drugs were taken. Three hours later I made the BIIIIIG mistake of trying to stretch out my ankle by rotating it—and I literally saw stars. Crap.

I’m still not sure how it happened because I am über careful on the stairs—I count each step up and down each time (whether I’m carrying a kid or not), I keep one arm on the wall to brace myself, plus I usually look at the stairs/my feet…

But I have now fallen down stairs while carrying both kids.



Kids are freaky.

So a few days ago, this rash erupted on Katie.




Freaked me out, of course. I assumed it was just some random kid thing so gave her Benedryl…and emailed my sister who knows all things dermatological. She asked if Katie had been sick recently… Why, yes, she had been. She guessed it wasn’t anything to worry about and to just keep an eye on it. Luckily it didn’t appear to be terribly itchy (I caught Katie rubbing around her neck once but that was about it.)

The next morning, the torso rash was just about gone but there were new spots on her arms and legs. Freaky. Another day (this morning) and it’s all about gone.



Mini heart failure

We were headed to Sam’s Club and I had Owen get in first while I went back to get Katie. Buckled her in and left. On the way there I noticed in my rear view mirror that he was sleeping so at a light I pulled out my camera to get a picture…and noticed he wasn’t buckled in! I had completely forgotten. After a moment of pure panic, I realized we were almost there so by the time I could manage to pull off, I could almost be at Sam’s Club. Lesson learned…always buckle Owen in first OR leave his door open so I stop to check on him.