Goodbye, helmet!

We had a helmet check-up today and I thought it was just going to be a normal check-up with some measurements and maybe a bit more grinding on the helmet…but the specialist just took a quick look and said “I think he’s done! I’m extremely pleased with the results!”


I asked if he still had to wear it at night, like had been mentioned before, and he said no! He said since he rolls around so much and sleeps in all positions, he wasn’t worried about nighttime anymore. I also showed him one of the many face-plant pictures and he laughed. I wondered if Owen would still be able to sleep face-plant style without the breathing room the helmet allowed him.

So, Owen graduated today! YAY! He was in the helmet for just over three months (he got it July 24). Three months is apparently an AMAZING amount of time—most have to wear it at least four months, if not more.

It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to not having it on all the time—how bumps to the head (and the like) will make him react. But, he’s already napped face-plant style so apparently he can do that with or without the helmet, LOL. :))


We’re almost done!

We had a helmet appointment and scan today. We were really thinking/hoping that this would be the visit where we’d get the go-ahead to just have him wear the helmet at night…but apparently we’re not quite there. The specialist said Owen is doing ABSOLUTELY AMAZING but could still benefit from another month, but said he should be out of it by Thanksgiving.


Second Helmet Scan

Our specialist wanted another head scan to see just how well Owen’s head is doing, so it was back to Livonia and the laser scanner. I didn’t get a picture of it the first time, so here it is:

Something else I didn’t get the first time was the cute little stocking cap Owen has to wear when getting scanned (of course I couldn’t get a good picture). The black dots are stickers pointing towards his ears so they can align the scanned images:

Laying down in the scanner! Of course this is much, much better than the alternative of plaster casting, but it’s still a bit of a challenge because he has to be very still to get a good scan…which means you have to hold his arms (so they don’t fly up and get in the scan) and try to get him to not move. Of course, he would be perfectly still…until the motor started whirring, then he’d twist his head to look at it (which made for a very interesting scan!). I think it took about six tries (scans) this time to get a workable one.

A comparison of the first scan (left, with the cute frowny face!) and the second scan (the bigger head on the right). From the size difference, you can see right away how much his head has grown—and the numbers definitely proved just how much his head had changed shape for the better. Before, the critical measurements were off by centimeters (plural!) and now they’re down to tenths of a centimeter! (If you are looking really closely at the scan and see that the back of his head still looks flat—it isn’t. I asked about it, and it’s “flat” because that’s the tiny spot where his head was laying on the glass.)

After only wearing the helmet for 1.5 months, the specialist is THRILLED with the progress. He is guessing that in a few weeks, if we are all happy with the results, we can go to just wearing the helmet at night!

Go, Owen! Or, should it be: GO, OWEN’S HEAD!? :D


Helmet Check-Up

Good news! The specialist said Owen is doing AMAZING and he will probably be mostly done with the helmet in a total of 2½ months instead of the typical 3-4 months! I say “mostly done” because he would probably still have to wear it at night—just to make sure it doesn’t become flat again since he’s still sleeping on his back for the most part.

Our next appointment in two weeks is back in Livonia because they want another scan to see (technically and precisely) just how much his head has changed.



Helmet Check-Up

Our specialist asked if Owen had a growth spurt in the past two weeks and I said no, not that I’ve noticed, why? He said because his head has shown a DRASTIC change in the two short weeks he’s had the helmet. He still has a long way to go, of course, but there are definite bumps on his head that weren’t there before—meaning the skull is reshaping. YAY OWEN!

Waiting for the appointment: