Surprise #2!

I hate this mini pill I’m taking.

I am taking it vs. a regular birth control pill because it was supposed to not hinder milk production as much. BUT, apparently, it’s not nearly as effective and…as evidenced by today…no help at all in regulating your period.


So, somewhat on topic, this just reinforces my decision to phase out pumping. I have been taking my “milk pills” and pumping throughout the day…but I am just not getting that much anymore. Yes, it’s still some—and some is better than none—but it really just doesn’t seem to be that worthwhile quantity wise.

Believe me, I have thought about this and part of me hates to give it up. But part of me also dislikes pumping, taking 10 extra pills a day, and not being able to take the regular pill.

But the way I see it is that I managed for four months (most likely, by the time I wean myself from pumping). Not great, but certainly not bad. And, like the move to formula (where I felt guilty at first and now I am fine with it), I am sure it will be the same with this.


Breastfeeding Update

I think my breastfeeding days might be over.

I took a week or so off, since my nipples were terribly sore—raw, scabbed, and bleeding. (Well, it wasn’t as bad as that makes it sound when you put all three of those together, but all three of those issues were apparent in one way or another.)

So we introduced formula [mixed with breastmilk] and I continued to pump—with the notion that it would just be until I healed and then I would start breastfeeding again. And things went well. He likes all three brands of bottles we tried and the formula didn’t seem to bother him at all.

So fast forward a week or so when I tried breastfeeding again. And it didn’t go terribly well. :(

He is bigger now, of course, so the position I loved and that worked well before (football hold) doesn’t work so well now because his legs are long enough to reach the couch/chair and he can push off—taking my nipples with him. And I can’t seem to get any other positions to work because…he seems to be MUCH more active—twisting and turning and pulling and wiggling and just plain not settling down—which makes for a difficult latch. And speaking of the latch, that doesn’t seem to be great, either…as after two tries, I was already getting sore again.

I may try attending the LaLeche League meeting this week to see if they can help any…otherwise, I think I’m done. I hate to say it, but it’s true. Aside from the tenderness and latching issues, it just feels awkward overall. But since I am still pumping, he is still getting some breast milk…


I had a feeling…

So I just had a feeling that last night wasn’t going to go well.

It started with me trying to breastfeed—since my nipples feel much better than they did last week. But it didn’t go well—he just fusses too much (wiggles, stretches, kicks his feet, turns his head) and I just can’t seem to find a good position for him to lay in (he’s no longer a tiny baby!).

So I gave him a bottle. Which he then burped up probably half of when Tom laid him in his crib momentarily. :( He’s been burping up more lately, which is frustrating. I would have guessed it was due to the addition of formula…except he’s been getting formula for a week now and the spitting up just started.

So then after another bottle, I finally got him settled, burped, calmed, and in bed. After this is when I pump for about 10 minutes. Except about three minutes in he decided to be cranky again so I had to stop (which is a pain). I finally got him down and…miraculously, he slept for about four hours!!

BUT THEN! At the next feeding he ate the entire bottle, I did the calming rigmarole, and he was fine. I went back to bed. Less than half an hour later he was crying loudly, letting me know he was hungry. Hungry! After he just had a full bottle and had been sleeping! So then it was back to the usually-30-minute process of getting him burped and calmed again.

After his 6:30 feeding, he decided he was up for the day, so I brought him downstairs hoping he would fall asleep on me on the couch. Which he did for about 1.5 hours!

Of course, he then spent the morning spitting up off and on. :(

And he’s much fussier overall than he used to be. :(


Minor Milk Tragedy

I don’t know what the hell happened. But then again, it was the middle of the night and I’m exhausted…so anything is possible.

So I went to give Owen his bottle. I took it out of the refrigerator (we have a mini fridge in his room—interestingly, the same one I had in my dorm room in college—thanks, grandpa Mike, for saving it all these years!).

Where was I?

Oh yes, I took the bottle out of the fridge and put it in the warmer. He will eat a cold bottle but it’s easier if it’s warm. So into the warmer it goes. Minutes later I take it out and tip it over to check the temp on my wrist and—


—the top comes off and the entire bottle spills all over me and the fridge and the floor!

I wanted to cry.

Granted it wasn’t all breast milk (it was 50/50) but still. What a waste! And of course I tried to think just what the hell happened.

Did Tom not screw the lid on tight when he made the bottles? Did I unscrew the lid without thinking? Neither one seems likely, but obviously it had to be one of those! (Of course, my bet is on me screwing it up, being half-asleep and exhausted and all.)

At least it was the first middle-of-the-night feeding and there was another bottle ready to be warmed. And then I pumped afterwards (as I usually do) so I could use that milk to make the second middle-of-the-night bottle without having to go downstairs.

So now we really should clean the carpet. I did my best to soak it up with burp cloths (in the dark) but I’m sure it’s going to be sticky and/or smelly soon. :(


Breastfeeding Issues

It’s official—I have started taking Fenugreek to [hopefully] increase my milk production. It’s not so much that I am having serious (or clinically worrisome) production issues (because Owen seems to have no digestive issues and is definitely gaining weight) but rather that I am afraid that he is getting hungrier and hungrier—and I want to be prepared, because I sometimes already feel that he isn’t getting quite enough.

What’s also frustrating is that my nipples are very sore right now—I am 99.5% sure his latch is okay (because he is eating and gaining weight) but I think maybe he’s eating so feverishly because he’s so hungry—which is leading to the sore nipples. (He also tends to get really fussy and wiggly during feeding, and he pulls and stretches my nipples—which is painful.)

And what’s even more frustrating is that he really DOES NOT LIKE the nipple shield. :'( He will use it maybe one time, but not twice in a row for sure…he will fuss like mad and avoid the nipple even when you know he’s hungry. I also don’t think he sucks hard enough or well enough to get enough milk. (We had to resort to pumping and then giving him a bottle tonight.)

So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the Fenugreek works well. We want to have a major milk stash in the freezer so Tom (or grandparents!) can take over some feedings when necessary (or, say, if we want to go away for the weekend!), without having to resort to formula. Wish us luck!


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Lactation Consultation

The meeting with the lactation consultant went very well.

It turns out I was doing everything right—he was latching and eating just fine (she weighed him before and after eating, and he ate just about 2oz). He just has a very small mouth and I have a, well, very large chest. ;)

She likened his breastfeeding experience to us (as adults) trying to chew on a pack of gum at once, or trying to eat a huge jawbreaker: you would get tired attempting either of those (which is why he eats, then tires, and I have to agitate him to wake him up to keep eating).

She gave me a nipple shield to wear (size extra small), which will help make it easier (less work) for him to eat…as well as help give my sore nipples a bit of a break.

They assured me I was doing great and were thrilled that I seemed so excited about it and wanted to do it so badly.

Lastly, because the problems didn’t take too long to diagnose and I wasn’t there that long, they didn’t even charge me the full $80. YAY!