Time to revamp the mermaid hair!

The color didn’t last nearly as long as I’d hoped and I was not loving the bleached blonde look so it was time to fix it…and I wanted it done for the birthday ball so today was the day.

The new, more subtle colors. We opted to not use the same teal I had before so I could use a dark blue shampoo which will hopefully help the color last longer.

At this point (just about halfway in) she already needed to go mix more color. Yeah, I have a lot of hair.

Time to rinse and wash.


I know my hair is long but it looks sooo much longer when it’s professionally blown out and straightened. 



Mermaid hair!

I saved this photo many many months ago as something I thought I’d someday like to do. Well…today is that day!

So this is happening!

I opted to go for teal instead of the pink in the original photo…so I’m going to be a mermaid!!

I’m leveling up! (Yeah, that was a new term for me, too. It’s going up the color chart to a lighter color.)

The parts of my hair that aren’t being touched—a bun on the top of my head and the under layers pulled to the side.

Leveling up (yes, bleaching) completed. YIKES!!! I have never seen my hair this color. The cool colors come next.

Stage two: More colors my hair has never seen!! The next time you see me I’ll be done!

The final product: I totally ❤️ it. I’m sooo thrilled!!

And here are some of the pics my stylist took to add to her album—she was SO excited to get to do it because people don’t often choose these types of colors!!