Time for a panic attack: Purge Treasures

So, we just completed the pre-move walkthrough with the moving company guy. Consensus? We have too much shit. I know this comes as no surprise to people who know us… We NEED to purge but it’s SOOOO hard. So I decided today was the day to clean out the bulk of the four-drawer file cabinet. We just keep stuffing crap in there and never use any of it—and it’s about 200 pounds we can easily get rid of. Of course, I have to quickly sort through everything because there’s stuff I know I’ll want to keep, but I came across so much old junk that made me laugh or cringe that I posted some to Facebook.

CMU line dancing class coursebook. Because you know I still need a list of 60 line dances. #purgetreasures #recyclebin

A whole folder of song lyrics. Notice the year? #purgetreasures #recyclebin

A real stock certificate, circa 1995. #purgetreasures #keep


A friend’s senior picture. #purgetreasures #recyclebin

#purgetreasures #keep (But I’m sending it to Dana to keep!)

How many of my Grayling peeps remember these report card folders?! #purgetreasures #keep


From September 11, 1995 Central Michigan Lumber ad. #purgetreasures #recyclebin

Isn’t the limit for keeping taxes 25 years? :lol: #purgetreasures #shredder

#purgetreasures #recycle #roommatefromhell (I had quite a few roommate from hell pages!)

I’ve definitely needed to move this from Michigan to North Carolina to Michigan to North Carolina to Virgina. #purgetreasures #recyclebin

#purgetreasures #recyclebin

#purgetreasures #keep #nolongerexists #weddingreception

From the first time I saw it with my mom, circa 1992? #purgetreasures #unsure

Ahh. Taking out a $2500 loan to pay for uniforms. #purgetreasures #keep #usmc

So, we had a potato penis in the house…

So I have loved this drawing of Katie’s potato people ever since she did it way back in February for Gramma Jean.


And I had thought a few times about turning it into a necklace but never did it. Until this month. So I Photoshopped the extra potato person out, changed it to black, and ended up with this:


And I looked at the drawing and saw that one ear wasn’t attached…so made sure to ask the artist about attaching the ear (she said yes, of course). But I didn’t look any farther than that. So when I got the necklace today I was excited. I took a picture of my new treasure.


Katie was excited at the surprise. And then I really looked at it. REALLY LOOKED AT IT.


What the hell? Why is that line there? She didn’t have a line on her potato person. I dug through my photo files to find it and ahhhh. A belly button. Which, when attached, had to have a line somewhere, right? So it laughingly got turned into a penis! 8O :lol: (Don’t tell me my mind is in the gutter—what did YOU think when you saw it? :p ) I wondered if the artist noticed or thought about it, or just assumed I was a wacky person and wanted to wear a potato penis on my neck. :)

So I asked Tom if he could snip it off and file it down (otherwise I’d have to go back to the Etsy artist with my tale of stupidity and hope she’d take pity on me) and he had it done within five minutes. (Gotta love a handy hubby with the right tools!)

So then I came up with this graphic to share. :)


But overall the necklace is wonderful and I’d totally order from SilverHandwriting again! I’d just double- and triple-check all the parts of the drawing!