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Gramma and Grandpa are leaving!

A few quick pics before school…


It was Gramma’s last morning so us girls all cuddled.  


Marshmallow selfies and drawing by the fire



Cuddling and reading by the fire


Archery…now with Gramma!

He was five for five!

Owen showing Gramma how to do things.

She hit the target with all five arrows!



My Mommy and Me


Gramma snuggles


I finally found the perfect leggings for us!


Since Papa and Grannie are here, we’re taking advantage!

Last-minute date night!


Katie’s first day of Kindergarten!

This is an idea I saw somewhere and decided to do for Katie…she will wear this shirt on the first day of school until she’s a senior in high school!


There are only three kids at the bus stop!

Katie is in the seat right above SCHOOL.

Our 3rd grader is home!

 He and Nate zoomed off the bus and pretty much immediately asked to go ride bikes! 


Katie’s kindergarten open house


Mrs. Valentine

The huge playground (one of three!).

Getting to check out a bus!

She went straight to the very back seat!

That’s a “bike path” on the right. The raised circular structure on the left is for a specific game (Owen’s school has a smaller one).

Back inside to check out the cafeteria (no pics) and the gym! She made a beeline to the rock wall!


Owen’s first day of 3rd grade!

I had to go in and wake him up at 7:30!! This year he gets on the bus at 8:25—that’s a half hour earlier than what we were used to in Virginia!

Katie holding Owen’s hand as he was waking up.

Owen and his bestie, Nate (2nd grade):

They are the only two at their bus stop!

Last campfire before school

We wanted to have a fire with Papa and Grannie but needed some firewood so we actually found some free on NextDoor… Yay!

The kids caught a few lightning bugs (it’s in there, trust me).

After we made s’mores we got the fire going a bit crazy. 

The kids finally settled down and were cuddling of their own free will. 

Then they were trying to read by bug light. 

Blue Man Group in Chicago!

I’ve always wanted to see Blue Man Group and when I mentioned it to Grannie she said they’d like to go, too…so it was off to Chicago!

Photos weren’t allowed during the show so this is all I got beforehand.

The kids absolutely loved it and they immediately asked if they could see it again. :)

Edited to add some googled pics of what we saw: 


Crazy woman driver!

She loves her new power wheels! She was chasing Papa around and then driving crazy circles around the yard. 

Happy 16th Anniversary!

Waiting for Tom to get home and enjoying the weather on the front porch. 

Of course we had to start with a traditional anniversary selfie. :)

Our dinner of choice this year was…sushi! This was called the Willis Tower and had layers of crab salad, sushi rice, avocado, spicy tuna, and a few sauces. You ate it with a spoon!

We couldn’t decide between three rolls so let the waiter choose for us. Why yes, that IS gold leaf on there (right).

We wanted dessert and were trying to decide where to go. Our waiter, knowing it was our anniversary, said he’d give us a mochi on the house. We’d never had it, but were game to try it—all we knew is that it would be strawberry flavor. This is what came out: it was strawberry ice cream on the inside. It was tasty but not quite what we had in mind. (I Googled later and learned that mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. The rice is pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape.)

So we headed toward home and somehow ended up at The Chocolate Sanctuary where we both indulged in our own desserts! (We rarely get dessert and when we do it’s shared between all for of us.)

Tom had Pecan Bourbon Crème Brulé (Jim Beam infused crème brulée with toasted pecans, topped with toasted meringue and Sanctuary caramel) and I had S’mores Dark Chocolate (Dark chocolate flourless cake with toasted meringue, cocoa graham cracker sable, cocoa graham crumble, Sanctuary spiced caramel, and cocoa-candied bacon).

We may also have let it known it was our anniversary (the couple across from us was celebrating their 38th!) so we may have also indulged in free champagne and raspberry chocolates. 💕

And then this was waiting for us when we got home. (Well, they actually weren’t quite finished when we walked in so we were forcefully instructed to go wait upstairs!)

The kids helped Grannie make rice krispie treats (decorated with our cake topper!) and they drew and colored a sign. They were so excited to surprise us.

It’s kind of hard to see, but they drew and colored lots of wedding-related things (my ring and flowers, the train, the cake, the horse and carriage) as well as some of our favorite things (Petoskey stone, a saw, dolphins). We loved it! And then of course we had to have a bite of still-warm rice krispie bars!!

It was a good day. :)

Aquatic Center Fundraiser

Papa and Grannie took the kids to the local aquatic center for a school fundraiser while Tom and I went out for our anniversary. I sent them with our waterproof camera!

Third grade open house!

Papa went with us while Grannie stayed home with Katie. Owen’s classroom is on the second floor. They have a multitude of desk areas—they have standing desks, bean bags, lap desk, etc…so the kids can figure out where they work the best. They also sit in a different seat each day.

Mrs. Gradner—I love her already!

Wiley, the school mascot.

And a few random pics of his classroom.

Eagerly waiting for Grannie and Papa.