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Proof they can be really sweet. 

Sophia knew Katie was getting shots this morning so showed up with this. Awwwww.


The first true fall morning!

Jean jacket, jeans, and boots!


Jelly Belly Factory Tour

We surprised the kids with a mini road trip to the Jelly Belly factory which is right up the road…And also surprised them with who was also there!

Getting ready for a train ride around the factory floor. It’s really just a warehouse.

Since it is a working factory we had to wear hats—they are very cheap plus I have a big head so it didn’t last long…but I had to keep it on. :lol:


We were able to try whatever flavors we wanted. I tried margarita and pancakes and maple syrup. They were both tasty. 

We spent about $50 on stupid jelly beans but we had fun. And I can honestly say I don’t need to buy Jelly Belly fudge again (it’s in the freezer so others can try it). :)

They get such a kick out of using chalk on the tires. 


Katie’s princess hair!

Our friend Heidi (our neighbor’s nanny) watched the kids while we were at the concert and I came in to see this amazing hairdo! I asked how she could possibly manage with Katie’s super fine hair (I’ve tried and failed) and she reminded me she had two girls. :)


It was misting so of course they needed an umbrella. 


My first birthday fish sage!

I was originally planning on meeting a girlfriend halfway for a girls night out and we would do a joint live Facebook LipSense sale while having a few adult beverages in the hotel. She had to bow out due to work commitments, but I still wanted to try the sale myself so that’s just what I did! Of course, I kept with the adult beverages because, hey, that’s who I am and it was my birthday after all. :p

So why did I call it a fish sage? Well, in the initial planning stages with my friend over text, my phone autocorrected bad typing of live sale to fish sage and the rest is history. We both thought it was hilarious and I thought it might draw in more people’s attention if I was advertising a FISH SAGE. The result was…meh. A few people were intrigued, but it didn’t have the rousing success I had envisioned. (The fish sage joke only lasted for the first two days of the advertising. I quickly let people in on the joke.) The advertising was also proof you can pretty much google any two words and find appropriate pictures!

I was a bit nervous but once I got started it went well enough. I had about 4-7 people watching for the hour and a half I was on (I didn’t plan for it to go that long but oh well!) and although I didn’t sell anything during the sale as I had imagined, I sold quite a bit afterwards! So it was a success!

Here are some screenshots of the live video just because. There were some hilarious parts where I really didn’t know what I was doing with some of the makeup but I rolled with it and it was all good. (Keep in mind before this gig, I really didn’t wear lipstick or makeup more than a few times a year. I mean, ever since I stopped working nine years ago—and even back then I had no idea how to apply makeup—I just winged it. So I’ve worn makeup and eye shadow more in the past month than I have the past five years. And I’m still learning.)

And this was the full end result of the makeup demo. It was only a semi hot mess. And yes, the two different color lips were on purpose. 💕

It was definitely an interesting way to spend my birthday!!

I’m a maiden!

Thanks to my awesome Lippy Ladies team for the great birthday present! Even though they all just signed up for the discount, they’re killing it. This was the announcement from my direct upline!

And then of course I did a lipstick selfie today and thought it was hilarious that I happened to find a font that gave me a crown!!

It’s not driveway drinking but it’s close enough.

In the backyard watching the kids play.  


The way little kids think.

Sophia put this sign up at the bus stop:


store is

Sophia thought people would drop off their fidget spinners which they could then sell to make money. :lol:

This is what the girls love doing at the bus stop. 


When the AC is out, it’s water time. 


Freeze dancing!

Woodland Spirit Week Day 4

Owen’s school was hat day and Katie’s was stripes.



Our little hip hopper!

Katie and Sophia are taking Hip Hop and are super excited about it.

Warming up!

Owen loved watching Katie!

Freestyling at the end of class!

You’d never know they were two little drama queens. 


Sophia before school!

Sophia comes down before school a few days a week since her brother has to get to preschool at the same time and they can’t be in two places at once. Katie thinks it’s playtime but we literally only have five minutes so I had them wait on the porch. :)


The school gang. 

They ride separate buses but arrive at about the same time so everyone is always at the stop together—or at least together in Stacey’s yard as we all head to our houses. 


Shirt Twins!

The shirts say “We go together like macaroni and cheese.” I couldn’t resist buying them—they were perfect plus they were on clearance. 


The neighborhood squad car wash.