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Bunny Head

Granny Lin sent the kids some Easter treats… These are chair covers that Owen immediately co-opted for a hat.

Time with Grauntie and Gruntie

Grauntie Rose and Gruntie Jim also stay down here during the winter, so they came over for lunch. We had hoped to be able to take the kids to the pool or the beach but it was cold and rainy…so there were a few games of Katie’s new favorite: Go Fish!

Another birthday cake for Owen. 

Gramma made a yummy-looking cake for Owen! Grauntie Rose and Gruntie Jim came over to celebrate, too!

It’s official: we’re headed to Chicago!

Well, what can I say about the military other than you just never know what’s going to happen…?!

For the past few months we’ve been thinking we’ll be headed to California. Tom’s top two job choices were there and we haven’t been on that coast yet, so we thought it was all set. It was a catch-22 for me—I know I would love the weather but it was SOOO far from family. It’s hella expensive there…but when else are we going to get the chance to test living there for three years? But I had honestly just started to wrap my head around it and get kind of excited about it…when Tom got an URGENT email from the monitor with text that included “Ignore this message at your own peril.” Yeah, that’s never good.

Turns out they need recruiters AGAIN. And he fits the four-point requirements perfectly (correct rank, summer mover, previous excellent record in recruiting, etc.). And the positions are in the Chicago area, Pennsylvania, San Diego, and Parris Island, South Carolina.


So long story short…after calling and talking to the monitor, they had eight people and six positions to fill. Which wasn’t quite the odds we were hoping for. But good news, Tom was the first to respond so he’d likely get his top choice (and at the very least, he wouldn’t get the place he did NOT want). So…our top choice was Chicago (to be closer to family), followed by Pennsylvania and California.

Of course, it wasn’t an immediate done deal. They had to check some other things and yada yada yada they told us we would know by the end of January if he would be doing recruiting or if we’d be back to waiting to hear on our previous California options. Then I think it was only like four days until they said he was officially tapped for the recruiting in Chicago (well, technically Great Lakes Naval Station).

And they already have his web orders completed so this is serious.

So, yuck for weather…but yay for being 7 hours from Papa and Grannie and 6 hours from Gramma Jean and Grandpa David.

National Air and Space Museum

Tom, Uncle Rob, and the kids went without me today…I had enough museum yesterday to last me for awhile. :)

I love our kids, but…

I love our kids but I miss the days before kids when our schedules weren’t as insane and we’d all be in Grayling together over the holidays. (Of course, missing Kathryn and Marcus here!)


A tired trip home

After the early morning and walking to the museum and around the museum and back to the car and a little Pokémoning, this happened on the way home.

She was fighting it.

And then this happened.

Uncle Rob wasn’t fighting it. But look at my little happy and wide-awake photo bomber!! :D

Five member Pokémon gym!

We got Uncle Rob started/hooked on Pokémon so we went out on one of our typical drives/hunts…and the kids took their new plush Pokémon they got from Santa.

And their Pikachu rode with me.

And then we took over a gym on one of our walking trails. We didn’t actually walk the whole trail, though—we just cheated and ran down to the pond.

With Uncle Rob here we can put five Pokémon in at a time!! (Oh yeah, that’s right, Katie now has her own account because I wanted her to stop messing around with “our” account.)

Click for larger version.



Merry Christmas from the Hudsons!

We were dressed for a friends’ Christmas party so we took some family pictures!

Christmas Trio—Then & Now


The best way to wake up on my birthday. 

This was waiting for me in my texts. :)

Lunch with Aunt Beth in Fredericksburg

We needed to pick up some stuff we forgot in Michigan that Beth brought back for us…so we met in Fredericksburg for lunch! A friend who lives here recommended Castiglias and it was DELICIOUS!

Saying goodbye to Uncle Rob


Day 2 with Papa and Grannie

At Fort Wilkins. Grannie said they zipped through it due to potential approaching weather (and we know how Owen is with storms) but they liked it.

Katie did this twice!

Visiting with Great Grandma Pat, or Pappy. She gave Katie a Cinderella Barbie (which she ADORED) and Owen a mini pillow pet (which he LOVED). [Edited to add: Katie has slept with Cinderella every night since then.]


With Lin’s Aunt Carol.

With Lin’s Aunt Mary Kay and Uncle Bob.

A U.P. sunset at 9:45!

Katie’s 4th birthday party!

Katie’s party was on July 13, but I forgot to get the pictures off my big camera—whoops! I’ll move this post to the right date later.

Once again, we had a gathering/pizza party at the Ramada pool!










I was kicking the ball back into the pool…and kicked my shoe right off! I watched it land on the side of the pool…and tumble right in. :)






The cake design Katie picked out!





And then back at Gramma Jean’s to open presents!


And she had to put on one of her new dresses!


Fighting, fireworks, and fire!

Sticks always become fighting instruments:

Owen has been begging us to do the fireworks we have left (really just sparklers) so we finally got them out tonight.


And we had a pooping dog leftover! Bonus!


And then a fire (with s’mores):

Plan B: A cousin water balloon fight!

When the weather gives you crappy beach days, you improvise at home!

Cousins: Izzy (almost 14), Owen (7.5), Anna (12), and Katie (4)


The best-laid plans…

The plan was to hit the beach at Petoskey State Park for play, rock hunting, and a picnic…but the weather had other ideas. We saw whitecaps as we approached…and it was a measly 72° (so with the wind it was probably about 60-65°) and the sand was painful as it whipped around.

So we were trying to decide what to do instead while sitting in the car. :)

We ended up heading inland to Burt Lake State Park (30 minutes away), assuming it wouldn’t be as windy. Ha! It was almost as bad! So we ate a fast picnic lunch (wrapped in towels because no one thought to bring jackets or sweatshirts for a day at the beach!), then got right back in the cars and headed home. We were all bummed.



Birthday treats!

Dairy Queen (plus I got my Vacation Bucket List Blizzard!), the park, Pokemon hunting for Owen, splashing and throwing rocks in the river, a walk around the neighborhood with Gramma, and then a Gramma cuddle. :)






I thought she’d like sticking her feet in the river but she whined that it was TOO COLD! (It felt like bath water to me!)









She agreed to get on the swing again…for a few minutes anyway.