Florida tradition: Fudpucker’s

Read about the last time we were there (2015).

Later when we checked the other pictures, we saw that Owen had his Halley shirt on again! Totally unplanned!

We had to visit Owen and Tom’s names on the wall…which happened to be right about where we were seated.

Katie adding her name!

Gramma Jean 2017

The dress in 1991 and 2016.

Okay, folks, who wore it better? Yes, here’s a DOOZY of a Then & Now. I first wore this dress to my high school Senior Awards Night and then to my graduation party (as seen in the photo, 1991). I loved the dress and kept it at my mom’s house all these years, wanting to get back into it someday. And that day was today to celebrate our 15th anniversary! And I traded the single-strand pearls for the pearls I wore with my wedding dress!


Sidenote 1: Owen took the picture from tonight.

Sidenote 2: When Owen saw me working on the collage, he said “WAIT. YOU HAD THAT DRESS 25 YEARS AGO?” 8O

Throwback Thursday—I’ll never forget this.

Do you know what it is?

It’s from my grandparent’s screen door in Bay City.

I remember when we were cleaning out the house after my grandpa died I mentioned something to someone about keeping the door or at least the L…but I could only stay for a day or so before I had to head back home to North Carolina so I never knew (or asked) what happened to it.

Until today, when I posted it on Facebook. My mom said that the people who bought the house back then only recently replaced it…so someone in our family could have gotten it. Dang.

Throwback Thursday + Brothers

We found LOTS of good pictures while cleaning out Marsha’s apartment. I posted a few of the best ones. The Facebook comments were all basically “WOW! That’s Owen!” :)

School pics from 1981-1983. Always in blue. Always matching. :)

Kind of blue and still matching. #unearthedtreasures #theboyshateme (Rob commented that they probably even had the same underwear.)


Throwback Thursday—In Owen’s jogging suit

This is a 2T outfit—he was in it under 2 and she’s in it over 3! I’ve been meaning to put her in it for quite some time now and finally did it today; the pants are slightly too short but the jacket is almost too big.




Edited to add: Whoops! Those aren’t the right pants! Now I remember why I haven’t put her in that outfit before now… I couldn’t find the pants that go with that outfit!