Land’s End might need to hear about this.

I had this coat when I was in high school—I think maybe my junior/senior years. Then I gave it to my Aunt Marge and she wore it forever. She just gave it back to us for Owen…and it’s a bit big but he doesn’t care. He LOVES it. I might need to write Land’s End about this one. (I also know I have one picture of me in it, but it’s black and white in a yearbook…and I have to find it. Stay tuned.)

Why I was using 1990s mousse.

When you’re away from home and didn’t pack any hair product because you were planning on getting a blowout at the beauty school but they were closed for the holidays so you have to wash your hair at home and it’s not convenient to go to town so you have to rely on the hair products that are already here and all there is is mousse from high school. 😂

So then you post it to Facebook and a friend jokes:

And I was compelled to respond with this:

I’m having a really rough time tonight.

I’m working on my annual holiday letter and going through all of 2017’s blog posts and it’s a lot sadder than I anticipated rereading all the great times we had with dear friends that we greatly miss. I know this happens EVERY time we move and it’s the way of the military life but it still surprises me and never gets easier. NEVER. 💔😥

I kicked ass at this game back in the day. 

I was out shopping today and ran across this game.

Holy cow the memories came flooding back!

I kicked ass at it back in the day when my cousins and I each got it for Christmas. (Google tells me it came out in 1982, which is about exactly when I thought it was—I guessed I was around 8 or so.) This is what the box looked like then.

I asked on Facebook if anyone remembered it, and my cousins did—and amazingly, said her kids played the very game a short time ago!! I wish I still had mine, but I wasn’t about to pay $17 for it. :)

End of year secret books!

I’ve had them for awhile now but haven’t read them. Until today. 

Why?! Why did I do that? Because I’m an overly emotional sap anyway and add an imminent move to that? No hope. /Bawl

I know this is supposed to be a surprise but I really want to share them with him now. I’m hoping he will remember these teachers enough so that what they wrote still has meaning when he’s graduating high school. It’s only 10 short years away…