Black Tie Tribute to Wounded Warriors

Tom got invited to attend the annual AFCEA NOVA Black Tie Tribute to Wounded Warriors Valentine’s Ball so we made a date night of it!

It was a nice night—free dinner! drinks! dancing! prizes!—but I was freezing almost the whole time! The welcome reception was held right off the lobby so with the front doors constantly opening it was literally freezing in there—especially since I was wearing a summer dress and sandals with bare feet (my black tie formalwear is very limited). (It was supposed to be the coldest night of the year and it felt like it!) The ballroom was a bit warmer but heaven forbid you had to go back out to use the restroom!

They also had a station for free photos, but ours didn’t turn out that great—the photo printer wasn’t the best quality—but it’s a photo!

The dinner was actually quite tasty for hotel food, and the dessert was gorgeous…and delicious!

Our table only had one other couple, and we had a very enjoyable time visiting with them. This was their fourth time attending so they let us “win” the centerpiece (flowers and balloons) and then they actually even gave us one of their gift certificate door prizes they won! They had dancing after dinner so we got to dance to a few songs (which was good since we didn’t get any dances at the recent ball).

There was a photographer there taking TONS of pictures—including at least 3-4 of us specifically—so I can’t wait to see (and post) those.

Balloons on the way home!

Valentines Party

All three of us made it to Owen’s Valentines party! (You can see Tom sitting behind Owen.)


This is the valentine he made for us:


Katie made herself at home in the Comfort Corner with a doll and a tea cup:


A few random pictures from his classroom:

This has been up for awhile (when the letter of the week was obviously P). From the word Owen provided, I can tell you it was the week he earned a new Lego that was a Paintball player. :)


The class helping chart:



I later asked Owen what his job meant:

Well, we clean up and help people who clean up. If someone needs me, I help them.

Crystal clear, right? :) I asked what some of the other jobs were and got equally as vague answers. I’m sure they’re positively clear in his mind…

And our last valentine treat:


Working on Valentines

These are the valentines we’re doing for Owen’s class:

Except I’m not being quite as cute with the cellophane bags and tie—we’re doing ziplock sandwich bags. :)

Here’s Owen writing his name on them. He only has the patience for about 4-5 at a time so we’re working on it all week.


He’s pretty good writing his name, though the W could use some separation and the N is often backwards. And we’re working on keeping the size consistent.