Finally, an amazing sale transaction.

Today rocked.

I listed our dining set yesterday. I get an email today about it…with fully formed sentences and no text speak!! I emailed back and got a reply within a half hour. She was able to come look at the table right away, she came when she said she was going to (almost to the minute!), and left a deposit and took some chairs with her. We even stood and chatted for 20 minutes because her husband is deploying soon, too.

Ahhh, that feels good. That’s how this stuff is SUPPOSED to work.

As as a bonus? We sold the table for more than we paid for it—though not by much, after you figure in what we paid for [feet] sliders and seat cushions!! But we weren’t out any money and that’s the best part!


Apparently I can’t count.

Mommy brain strikes.

Apparently I have lost my ability to count. I was getting a cash deposit ready for Tom to take in (from selling our fridge and the garage sale last fall) and counted it twice at $2400 both times.

Tom just calls me from the credit union: “How much did you count?”

Seems it was $2320. Even had her double count it.

Yeah, apparently when I was making $100 stacks of 20s…I counted a single 20 as $100. Twice.



The last payment!

I just made the last payment on our only credit card that was carrying a balance—so we are officially done with credit card debt!! And amazingly…done mostly since I’ve stopped working (which of course makes me wonder just what the hell we were doing with my salary the whole time I was working)!

Of course, we still have the mortgage and two cars and Tom’s student loans…but the original debt is gone!

In an ironic side note, the amount we made at our garage sale was just about the exact last payment ($539 vs. $534). I guess it was meant to be.