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Sparty’s opening day means…


My new favorite outfit.

I always thought these “belts” were cool but never thought I’d be able to wear one and pull it off…


Goggle up!

We’ve been watching a YouTube series called Smarter Every Day and Owen really likes it. They were having a special on their tee shirts so I got us both one (it also helps support the channel). Their catchphrase is “Goggle up! Science is about to happen!”

I then tweeted the photo and the Smarter Every Day team liked it and commented back!


One of the truest pictures I’ve ever taken.


Purple pearls!

After all these years I finally have the perfect outfit to wear with my Grandma Smith’s purple pearls. She loved her costume jewelry…



Lularoe ladybug twins


Today’s happiness

A pair of unicorn LLR leggings with a matching lap warmer. 


PJ Twinsies

Owen picked his PJs and next I saw them, she had hers on, too. I’m glad they can still make me smile after being little poops all day.


YANJO: fall version

Lularoe leggings, two sweaters from Marshall’s, necklace from Chico’s (birthday present from Marcia!), and boots from Amazon. :)


This is how I like to shop at Marshall’s.

I needed a few new cardigan sweaters…and since I recently passed up a $70 Lularoe version, I figured it was okay to get FIVE for about the same price as one. Right? :)

Katie wore this today so I decided we should match.

Well, technically she just had on the shirt and leggings. I added the boots and cardigan which I knew she also had. :)


I got a red dress, y’all.

So about a month or so ago, I queried my Facebook friends to see if my favorite red ball gown could be altered…and pretty much everyone said no way, just buy a new dress, there’s no way to easily alter a size 24 into a 10/12. Fine. So I went shopping at David’s Bridal and crossed my fingers as I looked through the Clearance rack.

So they only had three dresses in my size(s): a red size 10, an identical black size 12, and a different style navy size 12. I was sure the 10 wouldn’t fit so started with the black one. It fit well enough but I felt there was enough wiggle room that I should at least TRY the size 10 (plus it was the only red one so why not?). And amazingly it fit…but it was literally 1/2″ too small across the back and was quite tight so I was sad. So I had to decide if I wanted the black dress (I’d never had a black dress!) or keep looking for a red one… Black is classic, but red is what I wanted.

They looked at other stores and told me the next closest store had the dress in red in a 12…GRRR. So I did what I do when I have a clothes question…I talked to my clothes buddy, Sheryl. She convinced me I should go get the red dress. So I went while Katie was at school. :)

They had a 10 so I tried it on again, just in case. And it was still tight, but they got it zipped fine. I was thinking I could actually live with it…until I noticed that the chest/back tightness made my armpit/boob fat squinch weird so I would have to get the 12. But, then I decided that since I was there and had the time I wanted to try on some VA VA VOOM dresses just to see what there was and if anything worked.

This red dress was not a winner.

This one was tempting, but I didn’t love it enough for the $229 price tag.

So I did end up getting the red dress…which I will post when we go to the ball! (Of course, after the fact I showed Tom both dresses and he said he liked the black one better. GRRRR!)

It’s fun putting outfits together. 

I think I am most excited about being able to fit into boots. They’re wide-calf boots, but they’re boots. :) 


My new dress from Marcia!

This is one of the things Marcia bought for me. It was a “clapper”—on clearance with a coupon so it was like $15! And it’s a size 8! What?!

And then this happened. :)


Soccer moms in LuLaRoe!

One of my good friends, Linda, and I wearing our LuLaRoe leggings to soccer!


Bring on the boots!!

It felt like fall this morning (65°) so I got out my boots (to go with a new outfit, as well)!!

Watching the first game of the season in style!

Grannie Lin and Papa sent these anniversary/birthday PJs—just in time! Love them!


If this had been the rainbow bear I might just have bought it.

 And a size medium was pushing it. :)


Sometimes I love eBay.

I have my favorite shirt and jeans and feel like I wear them all the time:

So I figured I’d search eBay for the brands and sizes and see what I found. And I found these for about $30 total. Love them both!

The dress in 1991 and 2016.

Okay, folks, who wore it better? Yes, here’s a DOOZY of a Then & Now. I first wore this dress to my high school Senior Awards Night and then to my graduation party (as seen in the photo, 1991). I loved the dress and kept it at my mom’s house all these years, wanting to get back into it someday. And that day was today to celebrate our 15th anniversary! And I traded the single-strand pearls for the pearls I wore with my wedding dress!


Sidenote 1: Owen took the picture from tonight.

Sidenote 2: When Owen saw me working on the collage, he said “WAIT. YOU HAD THAT DRESS 25 YEARS AGO?” 8O