Land’s End might need to hear about this.

I had this coat when I was in high school—I think maybe my junior/senior years. Then I gave it to my Aunt Marge and she wore it forever. She just gave it back to us for Owen…and it’s a bit big but he doesn’t care. He LOVES it. I might need to write Land’s End about this one. (I also know I have one picture of me in it, but it’s black and white in a yearbook…and I have to find it. Stay tuned.)

I got a red dress, y’all.

So about a month or so ago, I queried my Facebook friends to see if my favorite red ball gown could be altered…and pretty much everyone said no way, just buy a new dress, there’s no way to easily alter a size 24 into a 10/12. Fine. So I went shopping at David’s Bridal and crossed my fingers as I looked through the Clearance rack.

So they only had three dresses in my size(s): a red size 10, an identical black size 12, and a different style navy size 12. I was sure the 10 wouldn’t fit so started with the black one. It fit well enough but I felt there was enough wiggle room that I should at least TRY the size 10 (plus it was the only red one so why not?). And amazingly it fit…but it was literally 1/2″ too small across the back and was quite tight so I was sad. So I had to decide if I wanted the black dress (I’d never had a black dress!) or keep looking for a red one… Black is classic, but red is what I wanted.

They looked at other stores and told me the next closest store had the dress in red in a 12…GRRR. So I did what I do when I have a clothes question…I talked to my clothes buddy, Sheryl. She convinced me I should go get the red dress. So I went while Katie was at school. :)

They had a 10 so I tried it on again, just in case. And it was still tight, but they got it zipped fine. I was thinking I could actually live with it…until I noticed that the chest/back tightness made my armpit/boob fat squinch weird so I would have to get the 12. But, then I decided that since I was there and had the time I wanted to try on some VA VA VOOM dresses just to see what there was and if anything worked.

This red dress was not a winner.

This one was tempting, but I didn’t love it enough for the $229 price tag.

So I did end up getting the red dress…which I will post when we go to the ball! (Of course, after the fact I showed Tom both dresses and he said he liked the black one better. GRRRR!)