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Twin Mini Butts

I never thought I’d have the same car as my mother. :)


She almost made it home…

This was about 20 minutes from home.  


Miss Fingerprints


It’s time to get away from the boxes and mess.  

Road trip to Michigan for a mini vacation including the Len Christmas!


Chicago-bound: Pit stop #2

This leg Bella stopped crying but Charlie started. Ay yay yay. At least it was lunch time so we got more time to stretch out. I forgot a picnic blanket so we just grabbed Owen’s comforter which was on top of a pile. :)

The kids were thrilled because they fit their McDonald’s happy meals.


Chicago-bound: Pit stop #1. 

Pit stop #1. I had to take Advil since Bella has been crying since we left at 7am. (Come to find out, her crate had tipped over, so…oopsie! I guess her crying was warranted.)

I also learned that Tom’s car is NOT comfy for me to drive long-distance. The armrests don’t fit me!! So for the second leg, I pulled out some pillows and all was well!

Katie loves these little seats. She doesn’t need to use them, of course, but she always has to sit in it.

Owen is boosterless!

Today we finally took Owen out of his booster seat as he meets all the criteria in the minivan. He can stop growing up ANY time now. (You can kind of see his new haircut here. I keep forgetting to take a GOOD pic.)

Just once before we move!!

Tom has been cleaning and organizing the garage to get ready to take up a full U-HAUL this weekend…so in the process the garage was cleaned out just enough to pull my car in.

It only stayed long enough for the picture.

I will miss a lot but I will not miss this. 

We went to Occoquan to do some Pokemoning… It was like this the whole way there. What would normally be a 5-minute drive was 15. 




The only thing better would have been actually seeing it towed.

This made my night.

Nail + Screw = New tires

So, this happened:

Of course, it was the exact tire that had the last nail… And apparently since it was close to the edge, the guy said there was a chance the repair might not hold and it would split. GRRRRRREAT. How am I supposed to feel comfortable driving on that?!?!?! The tires are original and they are 2-3 years old…so we talked about getting new tires. And then as fate would have it, Costco was having a sale on Bridgestone tires, so off we went and $800+ later I feel safe driving again.

Another reason why I say I hate people. 

It just pisses me off that people only think about themselves.

Pre-k drop-off has changed to the front of the building. There is a parking lot (off to the right in the photo) but for the literally two minutes it takes to drop her off (where the buses are in the photo), it’s nice (and much closer) to park in the fire lane. Other people do it, too, but these two asshats always take up the entire lane (where there is room for four cars) with their two cars. I technically fit at the end but it ends up to be pretty close to the driveway (still safe but encroaching just a bit). If only they would pull up to the beginning of the lane instead of just stopping in the middle this would be a non-issue.

Why can’t we all just be decent scofflaws together?! :lol:

Riding home from the playground

Since we live just around the corner she is allowed to sit in the passenger seat. :)

I just can’t even. Kiss & Ride is NOT hard.

Front lady is wasting like THREE spaces by not pulling forward. WHY?!?! I eventually pulled in front of her (directly behind that car to the very left that you can barely see). If you’re going to be stupid and waste that much space, you deserve to have someone pull in front of you. (Sidenote: she did the same damn thing the next day and I didn’t waste ANY time parking in front of her immediately upon arriving.)

This makes me smile more than it probably should.


A tired trip home

After the early morning and walking to the museum and around the museum and back to the car and a little Pokémoning, this happened on the way home.

She was fighting it.

And then this happened.

Uncle Rob wasn’t fighting it. But look at my little happy and wide-awake photo bomber!! :D

Miss Thing


Tom’s first car boo boo. 

A rock hit his windshield on his way home last Friday and not only created a divot but also a 5″ crack. By the time we called USAA that evening the crack had grown to about 10″. By the time it was scheduled to get fixed today, it was halfway across the windshield. 

The bad thing? It was estimated at $1000.
The good thing? We had a $250 deductible.
The bad thing? We had a $250 deductible.
The good thing? They come to you to fix it. :)


If you take a mouse on vacation…

He’ll want to drive the car.