The traveling anemone.

So, if you remember, a few days ago, we had this:

Well, he’s kept moving. This was his next move. 

And then…he made it through the hole to the shelf!

So we thought he’d settle there…since he worked so hard to get there. 

But wait. Where’d he go? Yep, completely inside the rocks! 

Oh, here he is again on the shelf, once more trying to move through another tiny opening!

And for now, he’s apparently happy where he is. 


New tank inhabitants!

The tank has slowly been getting up to speed and we finally decided it was time to add some more life. Unfortunately, Petco screwed up the order and what we were supposed to get Tuesday (when Tom was home and could handle everything) we didn’t get until this morning (when Tom had overnight duty and couldn’t handle anything). I managed, but it wasn’t in my comfort zone (I’ve acclimated fish before, but not saltwater ones)!

One of my favorites was a sea star… Unfortunately he arrived in less-than-stellar condition and we aren’t sure if he’s going to make it. But, he’s so cool…as soon as I put him in the tank, he burrowed into the sand. From sitting on top to completely buried took about five minutes!

2015-01-09 fish 08 going going gone

And I had forgotten how cool feather dusters were, too:

2015-01-09 fish 09

And some corals…

2015-01-09 fish 12

2015-01-09 fish 14

And the kids’ favorites—the clown fish!

2015-01-09 fish 19

Or Nemos as Katie calls them: Katie was excitedly showing them her Nemo: “Look! They’re the same Nemo!”


And another favorite, the anemone:

2015-01-09 fish 16

They are intelligent creatures. I put him in the tank where I wanted him to be—where I’ve circled in the photo below. It was a nice little shelf in the current where I thought he’d look great. But he had other ideas. When I came back to look at him about 10 minutes later, he had flipped himself off the ledge and was upside down in the sand! I figured I’d help him out and flip him back over and then just leave him for Tom to deal with when he got home. The next time I came back and looked at him, he had scooched across the sand and wedged himself under the rocks (where he then stayed)! Simply fascinating.

2015-01-09 fish 21 anemone journey

After everyone is settled I’ll actually clean the glass and try to get better pictures!