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Twin Mini Butts

I never thought I’d have the same car as my mother. :)


Marshmallow selfies and drawing by the fire



Cuddling and reading by the fire


They love this house!


They wanted a campfire.

Guess how long they sat there? Yep, just long enough for me to request a picture and eat one toasted marshmallow.  


We grilled steak for dinner and Maggie got this…

She was thrilled!!


Happy 45th Tom!

Tom got a half day off work so we celebrated his birthday in style at our first local Diners, Drive-ins and Dives restaurant: The Shanty. I started with Pineapple Sangria…

Then we tried one of the dishes they showcased on the show: Whiskey Shrimp. It was delish.


And another dish they profiled in DD&D: Blackened Conch Filet. Super yummy.


And a free birthday dessert!


Then we went to check out the Costco in Wisconsin—just a few miles away! 

A relaxing end to the weekend.


And Tom could watch football from the fire!


Sparty’s opening day means…


Last campfire before school

We wanted to have a fire with Papa and Grannie but needed some firewood so we actually found some free on NextDoor… Yay!

The kids caught a few lightning bugs (it’s in there, trust me).

After we made s’mores we got the fire going a bit crazy. 

The kids finally settled down and were cuddling of their own free will. 

Then they were trying to read by bug light. 

Charlie found her hidey hole again. 

She did this at the old house and has now discovered it again. 

Making gym shirts

The kids needed gym shirts this year with their name on them so I got a tiny bit crafty. 

Facebook, friends, and scallops—oh my!

I had a major kitchen crisis (nothing fits anywhere and I was losing my mind) and jokingly asked on Facebook if anyone wanted to come help me figure it out…

And Jami volunteered! And then was serious! (She lives about 1:30 away so it wasn’t completely insane.)

She’s an amaaaaazing cook and has bragged about her perfect scallops so, since I LOVE SCALLOPS, she brought them to teach me how to do it! So I learned how to make perfect scallops with a saffron wine sauce on fresh spinach Fettuccini. It was divine!! Of course, she also brought snacks and wine…and a cast iron pan and avocado cooking oil and cream because my kitchen isn’t up to par yet.

They were so beautiful they really deserve a full-size shot:

She had brought cookies to Owen and Katie. When she handed them out, age called them by name. Katie asked how she knew her name and I said she knew her from the day she was born. (I had told the kids previously that Jami was from the same group of friends as Uncle Eddy, Aunt Sheryl, Miss Nancy, and the whole group of people that came to our house a few times). 

Owen waited on his cookie, but Katie was all in. 

Owen being silly after tasting other desserts.

Then we played with makeup a bit, did an unplanned Facebook Live video, she bought two new lip colors and a blush, and we drank wine.

I had to get creative since we forgot to keep it chilled. Yes, that plastic ice cube is from a boo-boo bunny. 

Oh yes, we did also get some kitchen stuff figured out (also with Linda’s help).

Dinner, wine, and s’mores with the neighbors. 

Our two next door neighbors could not be more welcoming. Aside from letting our kids play together all the time, this happened tonight…

Stacey came to collect her kids and I happened to mention that Tom was gone so I was ready to pop the wine and she said her husband was going to be really late so we should do a patio dinner. Yes, please! She would do hot dogs and pizza sticks and I’d bring wine and fruit. She even had frozen peaches for the wine! The middle neighbor, Ines, joined us and felt guilty for not bringing anything, so she offered s’mores at their house after! Yes, please!!

I hate spending money like this at a rental but we have to make it livable. 

It’s starting to feel more like home. 

Bonus points if you see it. :)

Our first Illinois dinner outside!

I was fascinated watching ants devour a piece of biscuit.

Without really thinking this morning, I tossed a half-eaten biscuit out of the car, assuming some animal would come by and eat it. Later that day Katie came back to tell me there were lots of ants on her biscuit so I had to check it out. This is what happened.

Bella likes Tom’s new body pillow. 

Of course. It shouldn’t surprise me but it kinda did.  


More windows equal more sun equal comfy sunning spots!