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They’re exhausted after a day of sleeping in their crates. 


Sun dog is happy.


And Charlie has taken over Maggie’s travel crate. We often have to dump her out to put Maggie in.


Exploring critters.


An open suitcase is an invitation. 


Furry photobomber

I was trying to take a picture of the comforter to list on a yardsale site when this happened.


I love this face. She (and her sister) just turned 14 yesterday.


Homework time!


Then I was helping Owen with his homework and Katie took our picture. 


This never gets old. 


I can never truly be alone.

I came up to the bedroom for a few minutes of alone time before the craziness of today’s party starts and this is what happened.


Charlie likes Katie’s chair


Best Buds

Gramma got this picture of the buddies.  


What I came downstairs to this morning.

She wasn’t thrilled but she wasn’t complaining too loudly.  




As soon as I sat down…

This is what happened as soon as I sat down today after the craziness of my launch party.


She’s not fighting it—she’s purring!

While Charlie may appear to be fighting it, she’s purring like crazy. She really loves Katie. 


Of course, because it’s there. 


Mama, look who I have?!

Charlie only lasted about two minutes being pulled around, but that was longer than I predicted!


Just hanging out. 

This cat. She just climbed up and stopped. Cracked me up. 


If my kids won’t cuddle, this is the next best thing.


Cat, you’re doing it wrong.