Tom just called and said the local shelter will take her!!!! He told them everything and they said it will be tough [to adopt her out] but they will take her! We are “donating” the adoption fee, along with food, treats, toys, litter, etc. I am also thinking about a gift card to Petsmart.

Oh, this lightens my heart tremendously!!!


Sad news.

The short version is that the vet says Boots is most likely suffering from Pariah Syndrome (at the moment, I cannot find any information online so am not sure if Tom heard it wrong, I am spelling it wrong, or it’s something else that sounds the same, etc.).

The vet said it’s a mix of things, including that the cat has been traumatized at some time in her life (which I wrote about earlier) in addition to her having extreme bouts of anxiety and stress, in addition to her not being the alpha female…all of which combine to cause her improper elimination—and it’s something that most likely will never be cured, even if we were to take the cat two hours away to a specialist to get other meds (and then he said we’d have to medicate two cats, and even then it might not be successful).

The vet said we’ve done more than most people would in our situation, and our choices were either live with her peeing everywhere or…..putting her down. So, it’s not looking good… we know what has to be done, and are completely heartbroken over it. It kills us just to think about it…


Boots is back.

Well, that adoption was certainly short-lived. The woman who adopted her emailed me Saturday morning that she didn’t think it was going to work out. Apparently Boots kept trying to bite her child and swatted at her face repeatedly. And she didn’t get along with the dog, either. And she never used the litterbox once, but peed all over the place.

So we took her back. And it really sucks. I mean, I definitely don’t mean to make light of the situation, but we have already been through 1+ years of cat-fighting and harassment and of another potential adoptive home that fell through—so we were happy she was going (we thought) to a good home. And we had gone through the emotions of both having to give her up and actually giving her up. And now we have her back…and are just waiting for the problems to start again.

To make matters worse, there are other issues. For the past year, Boots has had elimination issues. She has been peeing all over our house and has actually ruined furniture. Most of the times it’s in hiding, but we have caught her in the act. She does use the litter boxes, and she has been to the vet (who couldn’t find any definite problems), so we attributed this to her not getting along with the other cats and just being stressed. Needless to say we have spent lots of money on special cat phermones that are supposed to be calming and help reduce stress. They seem to work somewhat, but they definitely don’t work 100% as she still has some issues. We were sure that putting her in a new home without cats would be the solution. Which it apparently wasn’t. At this point, we are not sure how much longer we can handle her elimination issues. She’s been to the vet, she’s been on medication, and we have the phermones, but nothing has really helped. I’ve had more than one sleepless night over this situation.

What we have determined, however, is that that family we adopted her from (our neighbors)…well, we are pretty sure the kids terrorized the poor cat. We thought it was cute when the little girl came to visit Boots and Boots sort of jumped up at her. We assumed it was playing or recognition, but now we think it may have been retribution! We honestly don’t think the family got rid of the cat due to “allergies” like they claimed.

So we’re not sure what we’re going to do. We’ve pretty much tried all that we can, short of a pet psychic…


A happy day AND a sad day…

The happy news? Boots went to a new home today. :D
The sad news? Boots went to a new home today. :'(

As luck would have it, I was getting my hair cut last night and talking to my hairdresser about our zoo (she has her own zoo, and her husband just left December 29 for a year). I mentioned that we actually had one cat we’d like to find a new home for since our other cats were still terrorizing her after a year. She said “Oh! Kathy [our receptionist] is looking for a cat!”

So after my haircut, I talked to Kathy, showed her the pictures online, and she said she’d take her—and made plans to pick her up the following night (tonight). Of course, I was thrilled, because Boots really does need to be the only cat…but of course I was sad, because I love her and I’ve never had to give up an animal before. :'(

I got teary a few times, but managed to not cry… so here’s hoping she’s loving her new home.


Overactive brain?

So I was doing a load of laundry today and I was getting ready to transfer the items from the washer to the dryer—when something brown fell out towards me! 88| I instantly thought OH MY GOD BOOTS IS IN THE WASHER! Of course, that obviously wasn’t the case (it was a brown towel) but still, it’s amazing what your brain thinks in the split second when something unexpected happens! It actually freaked me out badly enough so that my heart was racing!


I think hell just froze over.

So I was downstairs and all the cats were congregating around the food bowl, whining (not entirely sure why, as they had plenty of food). Surprisingly, Boots was right in the middle of them all…and there was NO hissing, NO swatting, NO stalking—NOTHING. An amazing feat in itself, as they typically hate each other. Or so I thought…

Because then I saw something that made me rub my eyes and shake my head in disbelief.

Charlie was…are you ready?

Charlie was LICKING Boots on the head. And Boots was letting her. And this went on for a good 20 seconds. Then Boots rubbed up against Fuzzy and wandered off.

Oh my.

I think they’re finally friends. And it only took seven months.


Hiding Boots

She loves to play in and/or hide in any sort of box or container or packaging that we leave on the floor. Today it was a case of water. Yesterday it was an empty 12-pack. It’s so adorable!

hiding boots