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The epitome of pitiful.


This is a new one. 


They love this house!


Another smushy furry face!


I love this smushy furry face. 


We grilled steak for dinner and Maggie got this…

She was thrilled!!


Cat cuddles and kid cuddles


Maggie loves the front yard!

She especially loves being out with us.



How I spent my first true alone hours. 

So this morning was actually my first day fully alone since the kids both started school—Papa and Grannie were here on the first day of school and I did get out of the house to go shopping… But today. Today I was ALONE. A-L-O-N-E. So I sat my happy ass on the couch with the dog on my lap and watched about five hours of TV. And it was glorious.   


This isn’t who we expected to lay here. 

I’m guessing the cats will enjoy it more once we get the bird feeder up! 


Someone wants to play and someone doesn’t.



Charlie found her hidey hole again. 

She did this at the old house and has now discovered it again. 

These two. 

That can’t be comfy. 

We are bad doggie parents. 

We had to take Maggie in for a non-emergency emergency appointment. I’m glad I’d already researched local vets and had picked one… And that they could get us in within the hour.

We’re always a little lax on cutting her nails. Tom actually attempted it a few weeks ago before our move but hit the quick on one and it bled and bled and he obviously stopped and didn’t finish them.

Well, before then, I’d noticed one was getting very long and starting to curl around back towards her pad and I know I mentioned it but it got forgotten. Then the move happened, then vacation, etc. I noticed her licking and chewing on one foot but didn’t think much of it. Until this week and I rolled her over to look at her foot and OMG that nail had curled around and was growing INTO HER PAD.

Oh the horror and guilt we felt… We immediately cut the nail as best we could (we’d actually luckily unpacked that box) and it was bleeding a bit and we wanted to get it checked out to make sure it was okay.

The vet’s office was awesome. They gave her an exam, cut the rest of her nails, and gave us some antibiotic wipes. They said it wasn’t bad at all. (And in fact, it was pretty much healed by the next morning, so we likely could have skipped the appointment but of course we felt better going.)

Even though it was a regular appointment I was steeling myself for the cost. And it was only $59. It was $58 for the exam and $1 for the antibiotic wipes. Complimentary nail clip, complimentary tick pill. So we have a great vet now!!

Bella likes Tom’s new body pillow. 

Of course. It shouldn’t surprise me but it kinda did.  


More windows equal more sun equal comfy sunning spots!


Charlie is still glued to us.

She’s following us around as we unpack. Don’t worry, she’s getting lots of love and scritches.


We have plenty of pet beds but…


Typical behavior when we come home from a vacation…