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I’m really really locked down.

That’s what Katie said when we asked her to get up but this was happening. This dog has become a major lap whore—she literally follows you around and waits until you sit in this chair. She sat next to me at the computer this morning until I got up and moved to my chair. 


I want to get up, but…


Mama, look who I have?!

Charlie only lasted about two minutes being pulled around, but that was longer than I predicted!


A sunny morning outside with Maggie. 

It was a bit chilly but the sun felt nice. 


Three of Katie

Cuddling at her request.

Heading back from the playground.

Trying to trace Maggie’s feet. She got one circle done before Maggie took off.


In honor of National Puppy Day


Mama! Look who I have on my lap!

Just hanging out. 

This cat. She just climbed up and stopped. Cracked me up. 


If my kids won’t cuddle, this is the next best thing.


I love this lap dog. 

She literally waits in front of me to put a blanket on my lap and get settled so she can jump up.


Cat, you’re doing it wrong.


Me and the old girl


Sun Dog v18


Home again, home again.

Me and Katie waiting for Tom and Owen to bring dinner to the gate in Atlanta. We weren’t able to get seats because we only had about 25 minutes until our flight started boarding.

We opted to board during the “people who may need extra time” call so we could have time to snarf our food before most people boarded. On the way down, we boarded during that time as well just because the kids were completely unfamiliar with the boarding process and we wanted it to go smoothly. On the way home we figured it had gone smoothly enough we didn’t need it so skipped it the first leg…but then decided why not on the second leg. :)

Everything went smoothly, and this is us walking to meet Tom with the car.

As soon as we got home, of course this happened:

Snuggles at the vet. 

Maggie doesn’t hate the vet but she doesn’t love it…so Katie was giving her some snuggles.


Poor Maggie. I hope our next house has more sun. 


This dog. 

She was on my lap but I had to get up so moved her to the ottoman like this. 


She stayed there awhile then moved in front of the fireplace. Then when that got too hot, she moved here. 


Goodbye hugs for Maggie

Maggie was at the door sunning herself so Katie had to give her hugs goodbye.


That can’t be comfortable. 


A cuddle couch