Another day, another trip the ocean!

Today was a beach day in the morning as it was in the 60s by 9am! Owen LOVES playing in the waves and he won’t come to shore until you call him in! Katie would rather dig in the sand than be tossed around by waves. The water is fairly cold—to the adults! (Tom came down for a bit and jumped in with Owen but then came right back out!!) Gramma made Katie into a mermaid and then made a lobster for herself! 

Our first trip down to the ocean…

Our first trip down to the ocean—just to look—ended up with two totally soaked kids! We weren’t surprised. :)

Me and Gramma Jean could NOT get the twirly sticks to fly. Tom was easily able to.

I looked up and Owen was just standing the ocean with his hands in his pockets. LOL

Gramma Jean took this awesome picture of Katie. I think I’ll be hard pressed to take a better one this week.

Yet another trip to the Eagle Harbor beach!

Papa and Grannie took the kids back to the beach (leaving us home to relax and get ready for our dinner out) and Grannie sent these pics.


And added this commentary:

Katie found a puddle and added to it. (I confirmed she added water to it and not pee.) :)

Now it is a bubble bath she says.

Handstand Owen


We found them on the beach!

We pulled into Eagle Harbor and immediately saw them on the beach!

Then it was off to dinner! We showed Katie the marks on her forehead from her swim goggles! Grannie Lin and I shared a lobster pizza—yum!

Then it was off to the playground…

…while daddy, Owen, and Papa went hunting Pokemon at the Eagle Harbor lighthouse.

Then they met us back at the playground.

Beach, grandparents, stones, and sand!

One of the two things* I wanted to do on this vacation was look for Petoskey stones in a target-rich environment…so we headed to Petoskey State Park! The kids were super excited to go to the beach and Grannie and Papa met us there! Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures because I forgot the waterproof camera and didn’t want my expensive phone out in the sand and water!

Eating lunch after the grandparents left:

The stone hunting was fairly pathetic as we were obviously in a well-populated and well-picked-over area right on the main beach…plus we were in knee-deep wavy water trying to dredge stones from the bottom. This was all we found after about four combined hours of searching:

But the kids were having fun!

So we talked to a park ranger who told us where there was better stone hunting…so Tom went to scope it out. He came back about a half hour later with full pockets…so we packed stuff in the car then took off walking down the beach. It was quite a walk but it was the place to be—we filled about 2-3″ of a 5-gallon bucket in another two hours!

Unfortunately, Owen lost his goggles (even after I specifically told him to put them around his neck) and we hadn’t thought we’d be gone that long so we didn’t reapply sunscreen…so Owen’s face was pretty red and both kids had a little too much pink. :(

But! Both kids were amazing while we were out there—they stayed close, Owen mostly played in the water and Katie mostly played in the sand running between me and Tom (we were about 20-30 yards apart), and they listened well and weren’t cranky!

Of course, I’d forgotten how much I hate the beach—sand, sand, and more sand in every crevice of the kids’ bodies. Ugh. I pulled Katie’s bottoms off and literally a half cup of sand fell out (in addition to what was stuck to her). We were all done at that point (we’d been in the sun for six hours!) and had just trudged (guessing) 1/4 mile back along the beach to the car (with me carrying 20# of stones and Tom carrying Katie on his shoulders) and we just didn’t have the energy to go get them showered.

Within two minutes of starting the car:

Within 25 minutes:

So overall it was a good day…even though we can already tell we’ll be sore tomorrow. :)

*The other was to see the start of the canoe marathon.

Last trip to the beach!






Looking up at a plane going by. We saw lots of jets and planes and helicopters the whole week!


She didn’t go in the water much, but when she did, she did some STOMPING and SPLASHING!


The one thing she liked to do? Throw shovels full of sand into the water. Yes, kids are strange.



And a fun screenshot I saw while I was editing the video:


It was impressive watching the beach guys carrying in the chairs in the evening.









More grandparents!

My dad and stepmom are also in Florida for a few months—about six hours away. Since we couldn’t take enough time to stay with both sets of parents, my dad and Linda came over to stay for the week. After they arrived and came to our room, we decided to head down to the beach…



Katie building her castle. Yes, it’s just a bucket of sand, but to her it was a castle!


This is one of her favorite things to do—fling sand. :|


Katie was so excited to see them coming she had to run to meet them!


Owen was a bit tired so he tried to rest. :)