So this is what happens after you’re off sugar for awhile?

So, Tom and I have been on our new life plan for eight weeks. And in addition to cutting back the amount of food we eat, we’ve also pretty much cut out added sugar. I’ve given up wine, margaritas, wine coolers, and mixed drinks (since I like sugary mixers). Desserts are now a bite or two of something. And we’re good with that, though we always wonder how we’ll do with “old favorites.” So today was one of those experiments.

We got a Costco cake for Owen’s party. And normally I love Costco’s cake. LOVE IT. As in I could make a meal out of it. Or even make myself sick eating it.

But today? Meh. :|

The frosting was good but the cake a bit less exciting…and two bites was plenty. At dinner, it looked good again so I had another two bites and reconfirmed yep: pretty meh.

My old food (eating) memories said YOU WANT IT. IT’S DELICIOUS…but my new taste buds and brain said THERE ARE THINGS YOU LIKE BETTER. WAIT FOR THOSE. (Like the Ghirardelli box mix brownies from Costco.)

It’s amazing what happens when you stop eating sugar. (That said, I can’t wait until I reach the maintenance level—that’s when I can start introducing wine and margaritas again!)

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