Owenisms 42

I push Katie in the swing.
Katie: Mama swing!
Me: How about Owen swing?
Owen: No I have bad guys to get.

Me: Owen, who do you want to read your story tonight?
Owen: Good night daddy.
Me: I guess that means me.

It was a rainy Saturday so after our errands we all put on comfy pants.
Me: Comfy paaants!
Owen: Comfy pants party!

Me: Owen, you’re cute.
Owen: Even my butt wiggle? [Of course, accompanied by the said butt wiggle.]

And we’re back to asking why on everything.
Owen: Where are you going?
Me: To the garage.
Owen: Why?
Me: To get a pan.
Owen: Why?
Me: To cook dinner.
Owen: Why?

Owen: What’s the name of this song?
Me: Broken Wings
Owen: Why?
Me: Because that’s what the writer wanted.
Owen: Why?

Tom: Remember we have to Skype with Grandma Marsha today—it’s her birthday.
Owen: Why?

Owen: Mama, you know who likes pancakes?
Me: Everyone likes pancakes!
Owen: Except bad guys who don’t like pancakes!

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