Owenisms 41

Owen: Mama, Katie and I are holding hands. Take a picture!


Owen: My belly’s still loaded.
Me: Your belly?
Owen: No, my batteries!

Talking on a play cell phone: Hi cousins! I’m a Jedi now!

Owen: Daddy, do you want to find the eggs I hid? There’s a green egg right here and a pink egg in the bag.

Owen tried Grauntie Marge’s beets again at dinner. He hasn’t liked them before.
Tom: Do you like them?
Owen: Looking surprised and excited. YES! They taste like pickles!

Owen pointed out a blue jay on our walk.
Me: How do you know that’s a blue jay?
Owen: I learned it at bird school.

Me: Owen, why does your imagination always include people shooting you?
Owen: I don’t know.
Me: Why doesn’t anyone ever bring you cake or take you to the beach?
Owen: Shrug. Do you know why [whoever] shot me?
Me: No, why?
Owen: Because I wasn’t fabulous.

Owen: I make good imaginations!

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