Our long walk on the first day of Easter break!

It was a gorgeous morning—about 70°, sunny, and breezy—so we went for our first long walk together! (Normally Katie and I just go up and down our street or to the golf course. I never get to walk with just Owen anymore.)

I tried to get a picture but Katie wasn’t cooperating.


Katie took a tumble while trying to run down the hill like big brother, but she was no worse for the wear. :)

At the top of the hill on the golf course (Owen used to play a lot here back in the day). He kept warning Katie not torun down the hill and to stay out of the golfers’ way. :)


Off we go!


Anyone want to go swimming in the community pool? I can’t imagine using the same water that’s been sitting in it since last summer and is now dark brown…? I know there are chemicals and stuff…but still. Barf.


Finally! Some wildlife! (Yes I know it’s not a duck but that’s what she calls it.)

Waving hello to the duck/goose. :)


She wanted to sit at the picnic table.


Owen collected sticks to make an art picture. :)


I saw this going on so I had to try and get a good sibling picture.




At least I ended up with a decent one!


And then the ham:


And then someone was throwing sand and got warned so we had to go.


Stopping to roll down the hill.

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