Bed Switcheroo

So, they’re coming to pick up our bed tomorrow…and the new bed won’t be here for a few weeks so we had to do a bit of a bed switcheroo.

Owen has a Queen (only because that’s just how it worked out over the years—that’s what we had available) so we figured we’d use that and he would get a new Twin (what he should really have anyway).

The pros are that it gives him a lot more space in his room and it will look good for staging purposes…but the cons are all the money we’ve sunk into Queen bedding (quilt, sheet sets, mattress pad cover, bed skirt) and having to buy him all new Twin bedding.

I took him shopping with me and there wasn’t much to choose from at Marshall’s, Ross, or BB&B—so he ended up with a comforter set very similar to what he had.


I feel bad because Target would likely have had superheroes or Star Wars…but he was tired of shopping. And I wanted it today vs. ordering from Amazon. And I failed to plan ahead.

So…in order to move the Queen into our room, we had to take down our King headboard/frame and put it in storage—and that thing is a BEAST (poor Tom). Then Tom set up a regular bed frame (which we happened to have) and brought in the mattress and box springs. And moved our nightstands in a bunch because they were obviously placed for the King.

The pros? The room looks bigger and will be good for staging purposes. We’re not sleeping on an air mattress.

The cons? We get to move it all back when the new bed gets here! And we have to try and sleep on a Queen until then—OHMYGOD I miss my space already and we haven’t even slept on it yet. Both of us were like “Is there even a bed here?” because we can lean across the bed and touch hands. (We did fine in a Queen on vacation but it was only for a week…and it was vacation. This is real life.)

We’re seriously contemplating selling the behemoth King frame—even though it’s only about eight years old—but it sucks because it was EXPENSIVE and of course we’d still want a different (though smaller) one.

So Owen had obviously seen his new bed (we even let him pick out the mattress—and of course he picked out the cushy $199 one vs. the $99 one!) but when he actually got in it for the first time, he said “Wow, this is a small bed. There’s only room for one person!” :)

So I hope the return/bed pickup goes well tomorrow and I hope we can sell the beastly frame…and I hope our new bed gets here on the short end of 3-4 weeks!

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