We have to go fight tomorrow.

Well, we get to go fight with the furniture company tomorrow. Yippee.

When we bought the mattress we specifically said “So, with this guarantee, if we don’t like the bed for any reason, we can return it?”

Yes, of course, you have 120 days.

Great. Take our money.

Fast forward about 40 days and neither of us like it. We call to say we want to return it and we get a little grief but our sales guy says sure, he’ll start the paperwork. He asks if there’s another bed we want and we say yes, another Serta, but you don’t sell it—can you maybe order it? He says no. Not “Let me ask my manager and get back to you” but a direct no. Okay, so we order it online ASAP since it takes 4-6 weeks.

So our sales guy calls tonight to ask if he can’t get us the bed we wanted—he talked to his manager and he was pretty sure they could order it. I say it’s too late—we already ordered it and all sales are final. So then he was half arguing with me about trying to return it/cancel it and buy from them instead. Um, we tried and you said it wasn’t possible. So he says okay, he’ll call back with our return amount—reminding us that the two free pillows can’t be returned and we’ll be charged for them. Wait. What? Ugh…but I guess in the long run, not a life or death deal.

So two hours go by and he calls from his cell to say he just got done talking to his manager and we can’t return the bed for a refund—the return is with Serta because it’s their guarantee and the “comfort guarantee” is only for exchanges. I immediately say that isn’t going to work, we specifically asked about returning it—not exchanging it—and we were told we could…HE told us we could. He says “Oh no, I just read off the poster.” Yeah, right. You wanted the $$$ sale so you told us what we wanted to hear. Besides, I didn’t pay Serta, I paid your store. Your store can REFUND us.

Now, we’ve been doing business with this guy for TEN YEARS and I honestly just want to say “Really, John? You’re going to try and pull that? I’m pretty sure your manager saw the return claim for $2800 and freaked out so now you’re trying to claim ignorance.” But I didn’t.

I just reiterated that an exchange was NOT going to work and he said we could come in and sit down with his manager and we could see what we could work out. Lovely. He said we’re the first people that have wanted a return—everyone else just gets a firmer or softer mattress. Sorry, not my problem.

WE ARE LIVID. There is no $&@?#% way we would have bought the bed without that RETURN policy. That’s the ONLY reason we bought it. And the Serta website says the return and exchange policy is “up to the individual store”—so the store can do whatever they want…but I’m guessing they are blaming Serta because they don’t want to give us our money back.

Tomorrow is going to be fun. :/

2 thoughts on “We have to go fight tomorrow.

  1. Sue McLaughlin Lake says:

    When I worked at Art Van they had the same exchange policy with mattresses because they now have to take a hit on the thing, can’t sell a used mattress for much. I’m surprised the salesman didn’t know that.

    • Jen says:

      I’m sure he never thought we’d actually return it. Which doesn’t excuse his not knowing, of course.

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