Contractor Update

We talked to our contractor tonight. Turns out they DID put up tons of plastic—covered all the cupboards, closed off rooms, AND had a suction fan going to pull dust outside…it was just SUPER dusty. He hadn’t been expecting the jackhammering and had to even get a bigger jackhammer. The thinset was the actual problem—he said it was REALLY thick. It took them a full day and a half just to get the floor up–and then he had to get a diamond sander to smooth it all out…and THEN he had to self-level the entire kitchen/laundry room. Lordy. Can you imagine if we had attempted the flooring install ourselves?!

Additionally, one of his guys noticed a problem with some flashing on the roof…so they fixed that.

And he fixed our toilet that Tom had planned to fix afterwards—but it was more of a major fix than we thought.

And he’ll fix the few problem boards when we move out.

So I’m happy now. I’m still annoyed at all the cleaning we had to do (LOL)…but we really got our money’s worth and he’s a good guy.

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