Being a Good Mom is Making me a Bad Wife

A blog post on one of my favorite parenting sites, Scary Mommy. It’s like I could have written it almost word for word.

[Basically everything goes to shit 10 minutes before hubby walks in the door from work and the wife is at her limit and loses her shit and unloads on him the second he walks in the door. Read the whole post at the website to get the full effect. It’s worth it.]

My husband never sees me at my best.

At my best, I’m witty, creative, and enthusiastic. At my worst, I’m short-tempered, grouchy, and cold. I can usually be found somewhere between those two, and although my kids often get my best, and my writing sometimes does, my husband just doesn’t.

I worry that this is how marriages fall apart.

I worry that he thinks I’m always stressed out and yelling when I’m home alone with the kids. Because I’m not.

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