Valentines Party

All three of us made it to Owen’s Valentines party! (You can see Tom sitting behind Owen.)


This is the valentine he made for us:


Katie made herself at home in the Comfort Corner with a doll and a tea cup:


A few random pictures from his classroom:

This has been up for awhile (when the letter of the week was obviously P). From the word Owen provided, I can tell you it was the week he earned a new Lego that was a Paintball player. :)


The class helping chart:



I later asked Owen what his job meant:

Well, we clean up and help people who clean up. If someone needs me, I help them.

Crystal clear, right? :) I asked what some of the other jobs were and got equally as vague answers. I’m sure they’re positively clear in his mind…

And our last valentine treat:


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