Surprise home repairs suck.

Soooo…we discovered a leak on the garage ceiling—about a 1’x6′ wet (and partially dried) brown patch. Tom pulled off the sheetrock and water poured off the insulation when he started pulling it out. Ugh. Luckily not much else is wet and there’s only a few spots of blue-green mold.

After some investigation it turned out to be the incoming water line to the MBA toilet. Tom can easily fix that (and did)…but not the drywall in the garage which we have to hire out. At least we have a contractor we can call—the guy who is installing our laminate floor in a few weeks.

So…the Dharma pantry is being disassembled so they can get to it to fix it. Of course, we can’t move select shelves because we hooked them all together for stability.


Good times.

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