Owen’s five-year well-visit

Height: 47-1/4″ — was 45″ at 48m (greater than 100th percentile)
Weight: 66.5# — was 51# at 48m (greater than 100th percentile)

The doc said overall he did well, but his vision is on the low side of normal (so watch that) and according to kids’ BMI charts, he is obese—he’s “off the charts” (over 99%). (Which, looking back and seeing he gained 15# since last year—HOLY WAH.)

CDC 2-20y BMI chart - Owen

CDC 2-20y stature for age and weight - owen

I admit he could be thinner (even though he’s big for his age) but I honestly never thought he would be classified as obese. :|


So, we need to start watching what he eats…but I’m guessing he’ll thin down a bit once summer rolls around and he’s out playing and running around more.

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