Bye bye long locks!

I’ve wanted really long hair my whole life. The closest I previously got was in 2009 after I had Owen…at which point I got fed up with it and chopped off 8″ to donate.

Fast forward almost FIVE years and it was even longer (though I don’t think by much)…and I was ready to cut it again. Apparently for me, the romanticized idea of long hair is better than the reality. It’s hard (time consuming) to blow straight, it gets knotted if you don’t comb it out daily (which begets tons of split ends), it’s constantly getting caught, and it spent the majority of time in a stupid pony tail.

I didn’t take an immediate Before pic, but this is somewhat recent:


I would have liked to donate it again, but I had way too many inches of split ends (which they don’t want). As it turned out, it’s a tad shorter than I’d have liked…but I wanted ALL of the yucky ends trimmed so it’s super healthy. And of course I feel like I have no hair (I think she cut off a good 6-8″).

The aftermath:


And the new me:


A friend commented that she loved the color—and was surprised to learn it was natural! I guess I don’t have to worry quite yet about covering the gray!

2 thoughts on “Bye bye long locks!

  1. So they left it pretty much the same length and just cut out the gray ones?

    If you say they didn’t dye it I believe you, but they sure managed to make it look like they did.

    • Jen says:

      No, they didn’t cut any gray out, LOL, and there was no color! The cut and blow out just hides the gray. It’s still there if you look closely. :)

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