I always said I wouldn’t color my gray…

But just a little wouldn’t hurt, right?! I know I have some gray, but when I looked at this pic I snapped today, I have to admit I was a little shocked.


Facebook comments:

  1. Kristin—I don’t mind my gray either, but my hairdresser seems to. She owns my hair, so I get what I get. :)
  2. Jean—Love graying hair! Don’t change it.
  3. Tommy—If you color, go crazy. A magenta or blue streak ought to look good there.
  4. Brad—Hair color questions aside, this is a very good picture of you. You could do what I do and get a “tint” – I’ve got a little less natural gray than what I see in your picture, but when I went to my new style a few years ago, my wife convinced me to try the tint as well. The analogy my stylist uses is that the tint is like stain or varnish on wood; it’s translucent and lets the underlying product show through, albeit with a slightly different color, whereas an actual dye job is more like paint. I’m probably going to get hate mail from this, but since you asked: Knowing about what age you are, I’d cover it a little, whether tint or the full works. Strictly my opinion. :)
  5. Me—I’m not hiding my age: I turned 40 this year. :)
  6. Kelly—You’re pretty.
  7. Eddy—Just remember, you earned that gray hair!
  8. Kristin—Eddy, that’s how I look at it. I earned it. And Kelly, you’re completely correct.
  9. Katherine—I dye mine every 4-6 weeks. I will NOT go gray without a fight. At least not until I’m a grandmother.
  10. Tom—What happened??? I have only been gone six months!
  11. Me—I told you it’s been rough.
  12. Wendy—Time to hit the (dye) bottle.
  13. Elizabeth—I may have earned my gray hair but I def don’t want to see it! (at least not until I’m older) :) Dye that up!
  14. Me—FYI Tom said he liked it but I can color it if I want.
  15. Wendy—Tom said that because he is a very wise man. He knows there is no other answer.
  16. Ruth—YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! I wouldn’t color it!

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